house needs to be moved - Posted by michael

Posted by Jim FL on August 19, 2003 at 15:24:55:

like Ron said, the owner should pay you to take the house, unless they have someone else who wants it.
Which is usually not the case, moving a house is no small task.

Find out what the owner would have to pay to demo it, make some calls, get an idea.
Find out what it would cost to move it?
You do have a place for it?
If not, better find one, where the city/county/state will allow it, and not real far either.
Moving power lines and such for the move, increases the fee, of that I’m sure.

This would not be a project, in my opinion, to take on unless you have time to work it out, and cash to back it up…or another buyer waiting in the wings.

I personally would not buy a house that needed to be moved, I won’t even buy a MH that needs moving.
There are just too many homes out there that can stay put and make profit.

Now, if you could get it moved for WAY less than demo (I kinda doubt it, but you never know), perhaps have the seller pay you what it would cost to demo it, and move it.

Again though, not a task for the weak of heart, lots of things to do.

Will the house even stand to be moved?
Is it solid?
What kind of foundation?
How old is the house?

Tons to do, so start checking, just don’t waste too much time on this, and miss a real deal, that does not need to be moved.

Good luck,
Jim FL

house needs to be moved - Posted by michael

Posted by michael on August 19, 2003 at 12:34:49:

my wife works at a store were the interstate is moving threw so the owner of the store bought land beside the store to put his store there there is a house on the land and it has to be moved its 4sale and i know i can get it cheap about 4000 but i have to come up with the moving cost and land to put this on any ideas would help