House with minimal crawl space - Posted by Edwin

Posted by michaela-FL on June 16, 2006 at 08:42:52:


you could always dig it out and pour another foundation
to support the dug out part. I know people that have done that.

You may have problems with getting a termite letter, as
the floorjoist might be too close to earth contact.

I’ve had a house that had parts that were unaccessible due to low heiths. We had to cut the floor out to get the plumginb in there, as it was under the bathroom. It was mentioned by a sellers inspector but did not post a problem in the sale.

Foundation vents can still be installed.


House with minimal crawl space - Posted by Edwin

Posted by Edwin on June 16, 2006 at 01:47:45:

I recently bought a house that needs rehab, mostly cosmetic, but it has these problems that may or may not be worth worrying about:

  1. No access into the crawl space under house.
  2. No foundation vents
  3. Crawl space is only about 6 inches, instead of the more nomral 18-24"

I plan to sell this house after rehab, but was wondering if the crawl space issues could prevent a buyer from getting financing? I know I could always sell on a land contract, but I’d prefer the buyer get his own financing. Maybe there are some lenders who won’t care or won’t notice the lack of crawl space? It would probably cost me $5-8,000 to jack up the houe and raise the foundation. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?