How advanced is the convention? - Posted by MelissaOTP

Posted by Jim IL on January 16, 1999 at 01:18:36:

AS the saying goes, “You never really know if you can swim until you get in the water”.
What are you waiting for?
The deals will NOT come to you.
Go out and try. Worst case scenario is that you hear 100 “NO’s”. But in that 100 offers I’d bet you’ll also hear a couple of "where do I sign?"
Go get them!
And goto the convention! Whatever you get from it will help. We are all still learning every day, us newbies, and the experienced people as well.
Education should NEVER stop!
I remember starting to learn, and reading MANY things that made no sense to me. Only now am I starting to understand some of it. But I’m glad I listened, read, and watched it all. Perhaps I’ll never understand some of it, and then again, like has already happened, I may just be doing a deal, and "WHAM!, now I get it"
Goto Dallas, the price is minimal compared to the knowledge being shared.
I hope to see you there,

How advanced is the convention? - Posted by MelissaOTP

Posted by MelissaOTP on January 15, 1999 at 21:28:33:

I’m considering going to the Dallas convention, but I am very new at this. What percentage of the sessions do you think will be understandable to a real beginner? I’ve read several basic real estate books and have been reading these postings for about a month and have reviewed the Carleton Sheets material, but I haven’t made any deals yet as this is still a little overwhelming. I’m sure there will be valuable information; I’m just wondering what percentage of my time I will feel in over my head. Thoughts?

Re: How advanced is the convention? - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on January 16, 1999 at 06:59:23:


I did not go to the convention last year, but will be there this time. It sounds like you have some basics of real estate investing by reading some books. I would think that this convention will be beneficial to anyone from the experienced to the beginner.

The list of speakers will be impressive and diversified. One of the speakers may really peak you interest in that particular investing niche. One or two ideas gained from the convention can make you thousands of future dollars.

Below is a great post by JPiper. Read it. He was at last years convention.I would take this opportunity and sign up for the convention.