How did the meeting go?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to NC and keep my other obligations. I ask of anyone in attendance to please give me a re-cap.

The meeting went very well. It was great to see old friends and even make a few new ones. About 20 of us met and talked about nearly everything under the sun. There were investors of all levels, east coast to west coast, young and “mature,” men and women. This years event had a bit more of a family twist and one that we intend to expand upon next year.

We will hold the next year’s event close to Lonnie in Virginia Beach. It won’t be Memorial day weekend and we will use a hotel off the beach but close enough for families to vacation.

In about 10 months or so I will again send out the info and invites.

Thanks for asking.

Tony Colella


Thanks for the update. It was good to hear that things went well. I was in London so not able to drop by. Maybe with a little advance planning I will make it to next year’s event.