How Do I Find Rehabers? and What is a good MH sell price in MI? - Posted by Thane, MI

Posted by Blane (MI) on April 06, 2000 at 12:43:24:

Hi Thane,

What part of Detroit? All I can say about buying houses around here is that it’s ridiculous what people are paying. But you should be able to get plenty of help from others here.

The key to finding MH’s in a good price range is finding motivated sellers. I’ve been having some trouble finding them too, but they’re out there. Got my first home for $3200. The seller at first wasn’t motivated at all, then became big time motivated when he bought a house. You have to continue putting yourself in front of people, so that when someone’s situation changes they know who to call. I don’t have a magic formula for you right now as far as finding them. So far my efforts (ads, flyers, talking to PM’s) have generated very few. So right now I change ads, test, change etc. The education pays off down the road.
Others here with more experience could probably expound further.

Good luck,


How Do I Find Rehabers? and What is a good MH sell price in MI? - Posted by Thane, MI

Posted by Thane, MI on April 06, 2000 at 10:39:12:

After Ron’s talk at the conference in Atlanta, I have been driving up and down neiborhood streets looking for an abandoned house to flip. I haven’t found one yet. Is there a better way to find a trashed house that hasn’t been listed yet?

Also, I have been looking at mobile homes for two months now and can’t find any for $2k to $5k like Lonnie talks about. I’ve looked in the papers, driven through the parks and called the dealers. I’ve come across at least a dozen homes which fit Lonnie’s criteria, and they all want between $5k and $10k. Would it be possible to make an offer at the $2k to $5k price point, or is the Detroit market just higher price?

Any help on either of these questions would be greatly appreciated.