how do i get my offer to "reo" dept that hasen't a clue? - Posted by peter

Posted by JoeB(Atlanta) on April 13, 2000 at 21:42:49:

Hi Peter, since ownership sounds questionable, first make 100% sure they own it–either pay for or do your own title exam to determine who is current owner.

Then…here are some creative ideas to get your REO offer recognized:

  1. Submit a written contract via the agent they usually use to list their REOs and offer him half his normal commis (since he didn’t even have the listing) – he may have the ear of the top person there already

2)Write up your own contract/offer and submit it w/earnest money check (this always impresses the bank) and photos of house (I’m assuming it looks bad) in a FedEx (recipient signature required) package, addressed to the top dog (or as close to top dog as you can figure).

Best of success,
Joe Brillante

how do i get my offer to “reo” dept that hasen’t a clue? - Posted by peter

Posted by peter on April 13, 2000 at 21:22:18:

i’m not a quitter, i’v been trying to get my offer to chase manhattan reo dept on a house they own that has been vacant for about 4 years now, i started my research on this property last june, at first they diden’t even know they owned it until i finally convinced them that they do indeed own it, they even think they have it listed with a broker, but i know the broker and he say’s they never signed an agreement and get’s no info/reply from chase and say’s they are a nightmare to deal with? i’m seriously thinking of becoming a “squatter” they probably would never know? but on reality does anyone have any sugestions how i can get my offer entertained?