How do I get started?? - Posted by Demetrius

Posted by David Alexander on May 20, 1999 at 11:47:01:

What can I say, you’ve found an incredible place. Go read everything on this site(literally). Success articles, money Ideas, etc. As you are reading a direction will start coming together, you’ll feel comfortable with one direction more than another. I would suggest learning about paper, extensively, because it is the backbone of all transactions. I would also suggest picking up Kiyosaki’s books, Rich/Dad, Poor/Dad and Cash flow Quadrant. Don’t just learn about RE but learn about good business sense also.

Glad to have you here.

David Alexander

How do I get started?? - Posted by Demetrius

Posted by Demetrius on May 20, 1999 at 10:15:05:

I am very impressed with this wonderful website. I’m a recent college grad and I don’t have a lot of money right now. I also have a decent paying job but I don’t have the freedom or the financial income potential I want.

I live in the suburbs of a major city with house ranging anywhere from the $100 to $800 thousands. I know that there is a lot of potential around here but with out the right information, I can’t do anything. I’m trying to save up enough money to buy a couse from this site but there is so many of them, I don’t know which one to choose from.

My goal one day is to eventually make it in real estate and leave my job. Hopefully with the right information, it will be in the near future. If there is anyone out there that could help me get started, please drop me a message. Thanks!