How do I introduce myself to PM for first deal? - Posted by Brett (WI)

Posted by Max (CO) on April 26, 2002 at 11:54:49:

I’ve talked to two PMs and I used a lot of what Tony (VA) has posted that I found in the archives. I also believe honesty is the best policy. I pretty much said:

My fiance and I are looking into starting a small business on the side our our teaching careers. We want to buy mobile homes for cash, keep them in the park and act as the bank for the new owners. YOU need to make it very clear that you are not renting to people. You also need to make it clear that in the note you write, the money will be due if the tenants break the park rules or get beind on lot rent. I also ask who their perfect tenants would be to see if I can try and find them to fill the house. It had worked really well for the owner/PM in one park and the other PM said she would have to talk to the owners but was not sure. She did seem mostly positive once I assured her I was not renting.

I ran an add saying I had an older mobile to sell and would finance and got 6 calls/ five the 1st day it ran. I told them I had a home under contract and would call them when the deal was complete. This gave me an immediate clientel pool to draw from including two “nice young couples”.

Anyway…Tony (VA) has the best posts I’ve seen about talking to PM’s and the donuts idea from Doc is a nice touch. Be honest and not a smarmy busness-type person. If you don’t have to lie or tell untruths, they won’t feel threatened.


How do I introduce myself to PM for first deal? - Posted by Brett (WI)

Posted by Brett (WI) on April 26, 2002 at 24:40:35:

I have been scouring the archives for info for a couple of weeks and have found some really good posts. But my question is when going in to talk with the PM for my first deal how do I introduce myself?
If I make up a company name am I being deceitfull?
If I am asked how many deals I have done do I say none?
I don’t really want to try the “young couple” approach because if I am to do more deals in that park I want that good relationship with the PM. I plan on meeting with 2 park managers in the next week in the parks I am working on my first deals in. I can definately see that a good bond with the PMs is a must and want to be sure I don’t blow it. I plan to have business cards made just like Lonnie suggests in DOW, and I am being truthful when I use we instead of I when talking about my business since my wife and I are doing this together. And I am definately taking donuts to both meetings. I really like that idea. (thanks Doc)
I know most of these questions have been hit in the past. If someone could just direct me to the archives that pertain that would be great. I have been reading everything I can under the search “PMs” but have not really seen these issues addressed.
Thanks and Good Investing,