How do you do it when it's a seller's market and banks are tight? - Posted by Dan Bissell

Posted by Dan Bissell on April 15, 1999 at 24:42:12:

I’ve taken the courses, and read the books (by the way, Lonnie’s books are worth reading again and again!), and still I find it difficult to gain the ground in real estate investing. I’m trying to be patient, but the banks are extremely tight in this part of AK, all REO’s automatically get passed off to real estate firms, and seller’s know they’re going to get their asking price. In fact, the stats for this area show that, on average, the houses sell for 95% of the asking price, with no shortage of offers from a sea of buyers. I know Lease/Options would work, provided the seller could agree on terms…but can you think of any other methods that would work well in a very tough market?
I’d appreciate any and all responses.