How many mh parks around you? - Posted by Sonia (ID)

Posted by Philip on August 07, 2003 at 11:50:09:

I have only 1 within that radius. But I have about 10 within 30 miles and find more every month. The small ones 5-30 units just suddenly materialize where I hadn’t noticed them before.
Funny what you notice when start to look for it!
My 15 year old son is obsessed with pickups and claims I am obsessed with old mobile homes, because we notice different things as we drive along.

You have some good ground to farm!
I believe you might actually be in a lower income part of the world of than me! I didn’t think that existed!
Good luck,

How many mh parks around you? - Posted by Sonia (ID)

Posted by Sonia (ID) on August 07, 2003 at 01:25:27:

Just wondering if there’s more than average around me? So far I’ve counted 18 within about a 12 mile radius of my house, and that’s only on the Idaho side. Washington is just west and I haven’t even looked there yet. This is a very low income part of the country. If I remember right median income is about 22K. (And last year, according to the paper, the repo rate on houses was about 50%–if you can believe that!)