How much money to start? - Posted by Kevin

Posted by EWest (MI) on February 27, 2002 at 16:49:59:

If you do a search about different types of start up money or getting started with no money you will find tons of information on how to start with no money and work your way up to where you will be able to self fund your deals after a little while.

I am still waiting for Lonnies books, been about a week now but I live in Michigan so I am expecting by this weekend sometime.


How much money to start? - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on February 27, 2002 at 08:10:04:


I have been looking for something that I can do to supplement my income for years now. I, like so many others (I’m sure) have spent countless money on work from home opportunities, ect… and let’s say, nothing ever worked out. However, I have always known that real estate investing has the potential bring good returns and long term financial security. My biggest problem has always been that working from check to check and raising a family I never had the money, nor good credit rating to invest in real estate, other than my home.

Having said that, I have now come across Lonnies information and have ordered “Making Money with Mobile Homes” yesterday. The big concern I have is how much “cash” I realistically need to start and if I am going to be able to aquire what I need to start. I am sure the answer in in the archives somewhere and I have been looking but have not seen it. Of course this concern my be answered in the book as well.

Motivated, yet concerned.