How to extend your convention reservation?! - Posted by RobertR

Posted by RobertR on March 10, 2001 at 19:47:26:

Hi convention attendees,

After reading some posts below about adding days to your reservation, I shall share my experience today, Saturday, 3/10.

I phoned the Atlanta Marriott three times today. Actually it was more than that if you count the number of times I got no answer because I dialed the wrong number. Reservations cannot make changes to a group reservation. And the “desk” absolutely insisted (twice) that they cannot do it. The “desk” said to call 404-766-7900 and ask for the sales department, Monday-Friday. I believe the sales department is open before I get up or after I go to bed. So that is a perfect fit.

Many of you do not know that you must either be licensed or be in the process of applying for such in order to obtain extended reservations at the Atlanta Marriott. In some cases a provisional license will suffice. Some of you will try to do business with the Marriott prior to obtaining a license. You fall into the group which begs forgiveness rather than asking permission. Just be aware that the penalties for extending without a license are… Well, let me just say you do not want to know.

And some of you will just try to add reservation days even knowing that you are unlicensed. You may think that the power of positive thinking is enough to get you through. And you may succeed initially but look out. Watch your backside. You know what happens if you do not follow the rules.

And thank you, Jeanne. We know you have been working your tail off. I hope this post, which only cost me a little time, saves you a lot of time. Although I am not sure if this one really deserves a “WoW.”

Cordially, RobertR

PS- You folks will not want to visit or move to Colorado. It never stops snowing here. If you do not ski, you often cannot even get out to the mobile home parks to prospect and smoooz with the managers. The managers are always there in bad weather since they walk to work. But what good is that if you cannot get there on a snowy day.
Why this morning I must have spent 30 seconds clearing away snow on the side mirrors which the windshield wipers could not reach. That is just another reason not to move here.