How to find a flunkee - Posted by Larson

Posted by Larson on April 05, 1999 at 13:42:24:

No I don’t call them flunkies. I’m sorry I asked. Thanks Rob. God Bless.


How to find a flunkee - Posted by Larson

Posted by Larson on April 05, 1999 at 12:19:12:

I need find someone to do manual labor such as unloading mulch, cleaning up trash, painting …etc. I have a lot of turn over, as expected, and it seems to be getting almost impossible to find people willing to work to make a few extra bucks. I talked to a fellow the other day who said he wouldn’t get out of bed for $7 an hour. Anyone got any good methods for finding flunkees?

Thanks in advance for all your help. This newsgroup has truly been a blessing in my life. God Bless.

Jack Larson

Re: How to find a ‘helper’ - Posted by David M. Petrovich

Posted by David M. Petrovich on April 06, 1999 at 14:06:19:

  1. You could go to your local unemployment office’s parking lot and place your card on the windshield of every pick-up truck.

  2. After speaking to those that call (meet them at the jobsite), ask what they think is a fair wage. Then, tell them that for the ‘right’ candidate, you’ll pay them $2 more per hour (than they asked for) after they’ve worked one full week.

  3. Tell them that you’re in the business and need a dependable and responsible ‘site manager’ for this, and other projects.

  4. Treat them fairly, respect them, and reward them. They’ll be around for years. If not full time, then on a revolving basis. You’ll have a pool of semi-skilled, responsible ‘helpers’

Pay more money - Posted by BankRobber

Posted by BankRobber on April 05, 1999 at 22:54:26:

Easy, put an ad in the paper, say what you need, how much you pay, and that you pay cash. You will get calls regardless of the pay you put in the ad, but the price you pay will have a great impact on the probability that the person will show up. Job markets differ, but in my market I would not try to hire even a flunkie for only $7/hr. I want to pay someone enough that there is a high probability they will show up. My time is too valuable to have some flunkie say they will be there and then not show up because they found another job for $1/hr more than mine.

How to find help - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on April 05, 1999 at 16:57:50:

One source could be a nearby seminary. Much like college students except much more mature and trustworthy. Or try some of the local ministers. They will know of people looking for work of all types.

behind bars - Posted by Gator

Posted by Gator on April 05, 1999 at 15:50:40:

This may be a longshot for you but I go to the local jail. The jailer will let some of his tenants go with me on a work release program. They’re usually just old boys that had too good a time the nite before (you know too much ripple), he don’t give me no ax murderers or nuthin. Once in a while one of em will be a pretty good worker but most would have to be promoted to qualify as what you call a flunkee. I don’t have to pay em but minimum wage and they’re usually glad to get out of the slammer for the day. I have to pick em up and take em back at the end of the day. These men are not part of my team. I’m not in the rehabilitation business, I’m in the money business this is a business relationship. If one is a problem I call the jail and a deputy will come pick them up.
This may sound cold but everyone seems to be happy.

If I’m real desperate I can hire my nephews and some of their high school friends. I get to pay them $8 an hour to lean on the Dodge Ram truck their daddies bought em, smoke cigarettes, cut up, and f around.

Now on your choice of words, quit calling them flunkees and get politically correct. Aint you got no learnin boy? You must be from Georgia.

Best Wishes,

Dont none of ya’ll from Georgia write me, I was just messin with ya.

Re: How to find a flunkee - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on April 05, 1999 at 14:18:30:

Anytime I hire someone to do that kind of work (that is to say any time I might have to do it!), I don’t pay them by the hour…I let them bid for it. Haven’t had any particular problem finding takers…

Re: How to find a flunkee - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on April 05, 1999 at 14:16:19:


When you call a handyman, painter, lawnman a flunky it is degrading to that person who is a big part of your team. We need these workers to make our rental operations successful.

Not to be overly critical here but a little respect would go a long way toward finding suitable help. I respect a painter or yardman who does a good job and takes pride in doing a good job as much as I respect a doctor or accountant.

Your term flunky was probably just a slip of the tongue but certainly something to think about, that’s why I responded to your post.

Do you call them flunkies? If so, maybe that’s your problem! - Posted by Rob

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Re: How to find a flunkee - Posted by Bill Gatten

Posted by Bill Gatten on April 05, 1999 at 16:49:19:

This message was not mine… things’re really getting wierd here on the site. This was Phil F’s note. Though I personally don’t think Larson meant anything perjorative or disrespectful about workers… he was just using an over-used term in a more or less sardonic vernacular (whatever the h… that means).