How to Find FSBO Multifamily Properties? - Posted by Pam

Posted by phil fernandez on December 24, 2000 at 08:58:28:

Here’s what I’ve done in the past.

I’m sure you have ideas of what sections of your city has 4plexes and what neighborhoods you’d like to purchase in. You’re right you aren’t going to find deals on multis through realtors. Realtors basically only know single families and selling to the consumer, not investors.

Saying that, after identifying the neighborhoods you want to invest in, go down to the assessors office and get the names of all of the property owners of the 4plexes and send them a letter. A couple of weeks later call them up asking them if they received your letter and would they consider selling. Next in another couple of weeks, go pay them a visit to introduce yourself and thank them for their time.

That’s about it, a three step approach, that will start building trust and repoire with the owners of the 4plexes. I’ve bought some nice multis this way. Not many will want to sell just now, but stay in touch at least once a year and when they do decide to sell, hopefully they will remember you and call you first.

How to Find FSBO Multifamily Properties? - Posted by Pam

Posted by Pam on December 23, 2000 at 21:20:41:

We have been trying to locate 4-plexes to invest in, here in Colorado Springs. We’re fairly new at this, and we’ve been having some trouble locating any, except by going through a local realtor. They only rarely seem to be listed in the paper; can anyone give me a pointer on another way to find them? We’re really hoping to find the FSBO variety, as we don’t really want to add in that commission to the sales price… Any help is appreciated.

Re: How to Find FSBO Multifamily Properties? - Posted by Tom-Ca

Posted by Tom-Ca on December 24, 2000 at 13:12:30:

Join your local Apartment Owners Association.
The cost should be nominal.
It is a grat way to hook-up to the big players who want to sell some rentals.
Good luck!