How to find motivated sellers for subject to deals?



I am wondering, how should I go about finding motivated sellers to whom I might propose a subject to? I have somewhat of an idea, but I’m really very new to this and don’t know what my marketing should say, how to target sellers who might be interested in subject to, etc.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice offered!


Here are some ideas I have used successfully as I team up with people around the country:

  1. have to sell quickly or
  2. don’t have enough equity to cover real estate fees, closing costs and other fees or
  3. don’t want to or can’t afford to do repairs and or don’t want to have people traipsing around their house or
  4. have bought another place and are carrying two mortgages or
  5. lost a job or have a medical emergency, etc or
  6. are in pre-foreclosure and have to do something quickly or
  7. are inherited with a mortgage and can’t make the payment or
  8. have a job transfer and need to sell quickly


Not so sure that subject to is a viable strategy. Too many things can go wrong when you have the seller hanging around.

As a much younger investor, I’d show up in eviction court every Friday morning and whenever an eviction got tossed (usually some little technicality), I’d introduce myself to the landlord and offer to lease-option if from him on the spot.

Many were more than happy to take me up on it and be done with it rather than having to restart their eviction. Pretty hot market down there.



Mr Kaiser,

As you now having the lease option, the law would allow you to kick out the tenant?