How to get rid of "Cat Pee" smell??? - Posted by Kaitlyn

Posted by Kait on September 15, 2003 at 19:04:48:

Thanks :slight_smile: Will try your suggestions.

How to get rid of “Cat Pee” smell??? - Posted by Kaitlyn

Posted by Kaitlyn on September 13, 2003 at 19:14:45:

Last tenant left the apartment filthy! How on earth do you get rid of “cat pee” smell (and the worst part is they didn’t have a cat! Ewwwww!!!)

There is 1 room with carpeting (that’s going out) and the rest are tiles/hardwood floors.



Re: How to get rid of “Cat Pee” smell??? - Posted by Del-Onio

Posted by Del-Onio on September 13, 2003 at 19:44:59:

OH the joys of being a landlord. We have purchased a few buildings where we inhereted this wonderful intense aroma. YUCKK!!!

After tearing out the carpeting and removing any remaining fibers. We spray the floors with “industrial” strength clorox mixed 1/2 with water. We let this dry, then we spray a coat of BIN (Lowes has it) on the floor and the baseboard. Then we roll another heavy coat on the floor. We then put in an Alpine air purifier, with the ozone plates, for a few days and we have yet to run into one we couldnt “detoxify”.

OH when getting the BIN shellac, make sure you get the rerwal stuff not the water based one. The water base makes a good primer but not a good odor blocker.

Other perople may reccomend Oder-X and similar products. I have not tried them.

May all your landlording days be interesting.


PS… if you put pee in the archive buttom and hit search you will find many answers to this question.