How to get started - Posted by Garrett

Posted by David Butler on March 01, 2001 at 20:24:20:

Hello Garrett,

Well, what you are talking about here is marketing - and as you might suspect, there is a whole lot more on the subject than can ever be reliably discussed in a Discussion Forum context. I can recommend several very good texts on some of the various marketing tactics, strategies, campaigns, and preplanning elements that one should consider when designing and implementing the marketing program that will work best for him.

Right here in the CREO bookstore, is an excellent course… Lisa Moren’s “Promote Your Note Business”; another is powerful resource is “Growing Your Food Chain”, which is part of Russ Dalbey’s “Winning In The Note Business”; and yet another is Jon Richards’ “Working With Realtors”, which also includes, I believe, Jon’s very interesting little short course… “99+ Ways to Find Discounted Notes”. Again, all three of these recommendations are available here at the CREO website.

Any of these should give you some strong ammunition to work with.

Hope this helps, and Happy Hunting!

David P. Butler

How to get started - Posted by Garrett

Posted by Garrett on February 28, 2001 at 22:42:50:

Having been knowledgeable in the real estate business for many years, most of the math and jargon regarding notes and ITVs and yeilds and balloons is second nature to me. What is not is how to go about finding these notes in a retail enviroment…does one take out ads, place their name with a real estate broker? How do you throw your hat into the ring as someone with capital to burn and deals to get done?

thanks for the other excellent posts…gp