How to invest in real estate with little money

The biggest reason most people don’t get started investing in real estate is because they think they need to have a lot of money to invest in real estate. However, this isn’t necessarily true! Share your views!

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What do you mean “a lot of money”. It is possible to start investing having even less than 150 000€ in real estate like Cyprus. For US it’s not a very big ammount.
To get property in Protaras 120 000 € will be enough. In can be a good time to invest now, the prices are lowest for 10 years.

It takes real money to do a deal. And more money to keep the property in good shape if you are renting it out.

That said, the money does not have to come from your personal savings.

Way back when I got started in the early 1980s, they used to say you could buy ‘Nothing Down’. There was a book with the same as the title. The definition in the book was you could buy with 5% or less of your own money. Someone was always putting up the money even if that someone was the seller.

Knowledge and skills can go a lot longer than cash. Even someone with cash to start will run out if they get good at finding deals. Then they learn to find the money, Other People’s Money (OPM).