How to Remove Cloud Related to Lapsed Lien


This is in Georgia. In Georgia a judgement lien becomes dormant after 7 years if it is not refiled; and after an additional 3 more years the lien is “dead” in the sense that the law states, “When any judgment obtained in any court becomes dormant, the same may be renewed or revived by an action or by scire facias, at the option of the holder of the judgment, within three years from the time it becomes dormant.” I hold title to property that had a FIFA lien attached in 2009, and more than 10 years has passed without any refiling of the original lien and without any additional action being taken by the lien-holder. What actions do I need to take to clear this lien as a “cloud” on the title to the property? Is this something that I should be able to do myself, or is involvement of an attorney required? Thanks for any replies.