How to tackle this with no experience

Hopefully, I can get some help/advice here.

So here is the thing, I am a new. Haven’t gotten my first deal yet.
I found this property I want to get that is asking for $250K, 5 units with 4 tenants living in them currently.(if I do get this building, I’m going to find another tenant). I do not intend to live here. It’s out-of-state.
I don’t have ANY MONEY to even put a down payment.
I tried to find some private investors, but they require qualification such as a current business producing income and such. Which I do not have.

Would would you approach this?


If you have no money and no experience, how can you want it for yourself?

If you are an avid negotiator, get a good price on it, and flip it to someone who knows what they are doing…

see what the situation is and try to get a referral fee