I am becoming a snob towards - Posted by Jim Schad

Posted by Deanna on July 15, 2003 at 12:44:13:

You’re no snob, you make responsible choices, and you’re probably frustrating by people who don’t.Are they jealous of you? Always making comments about how much money you have etc.??
What really annoyes me is women who tell me that I’m so “lucky” to be an at home mom, and they “wish” they could stay home with their kids. These women usually live in a nice house, two brand new cars with huge payments, and go on trips every year. Meanwhile we share a used car, haven’t seen a restuarant since the 90’s and we lived in a trailer for 2 years to save for a house. It’s all about choices and priorities. You’d rather not spend your weekends drunk and or hung over, and you’ll be so much better of in the long run. I’ve found that if I keep my friends like that, I’ll just refuse to listen to their whining. If they continue to act like victims, I discontinue the friendship. It’s too much of a downer.

I am becoming a snob towards - Posted by Jim Schad

Posted by Jim Schad on July 14, 2003 at 13:51:08:

Was driving around at lunch today and realized that I am starting to not even want to talk to people who aren’t “investors”. I get tired of explaining things to people only to hear them say “that sounds risky” or “that won’t work” or “It takes money to make money”. I am not saying to not help or guide an inquiring mind, but pessimistic worker bees just beat me down. Their heads are not right and they will never understand what we are trying to do until they see the light…if they ever do. I have several friends who have hundreds of thousands of dollars from trust funds and stock options, but they just let the money sit in their checking accounts or trust funds earning 9%. It used to bother me because I was jealous, but now I wouldn’t trade with them. I think they don’t have a clue how to make money or make their money work for them so they are terrified of losing it since they never made it in the first place. That and they just don’t care to take the time to learn. They would rather play video games and drink beer every weekend. My friend had 2 hangovers by Sunday, I had visited 15 rental properties, evaluated 4 mobile parks and 3 mobile homes. Neither of us has anything to show for our actions, but I bet I will before he does. Anyway, just wanted to gripe, but also wanted to say thanks to all the knowledgeable people on this board and in the world who do think like we do.

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Posted by philip on July 14, 2003 at 16:28:49:

I am on the other end of the “family” thing. My retired parents want me to find and create Lonnie notes, or Land/Home notes faster than I can keep up!
But…it is a nice passive investment for them…and I would bet you are asking your sons to do some actual work…which sons tend to shy away from!
I do have a 15 year old who will work, but so far I don’t have much for him to do.
I hope you find some investors like my folks to buy partials or whatever…it sure makes it easier.
Make friends with an older person who is mad at their mutual fund!

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Posted by Ron_KS on July 14, 2003 at 15:39:11:

We’re in the “drivers seat”, Jim. I have two sons I cannot convince to do this, but when the time comes, I hope neither is looking for their names on my will. My wife and I are busting our b***s to make this work, and so far it is, but no thanks to family.

Best regards,


Re: I am becoming a snob towards - Posted by Jim Schad

Posted by Jim Schad on July 14, 2003 at 16:48:02:

Best investor I have found is an older guy. He does his deals with me on a “trust” basis. We have all the legal mumbo jumbo in there, but we both get what we want and are comfortable with each others methods.

Just got another guy in my office to fund a deal maybe too based on all my Lonnie preachings.

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Posted by Ryan_MO on July 14, 2003 at 16:35:58:

Hey Philip, Ive talked to you before, this is off the topic, but I am buying a lot in Bowling Green MO that has 2 mobiles on it. the sale includes a note including a 2002 doublewide and 1/2 acre, and a single wide that is just rented on the other 1/2 acre. would your parents be interested in the note, I want to sell it off after i buy the package. Email me back personally.


P.S. Also I was able to get ahold of all the Conseco reps for MO if you havent been able to, i can get you the phone #'s.