I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by Darin S.

Posted by Rose on March 16, 2001 at 22:07:11:

I found Carleton sheets programs very helpful. I am a beginner also. Bryan, like you are saying finding MENTOR/s are easy in REI I would love to find someone in my area (Washington). I have been posting message on the board to network with other investors, I got few responses they are also beginners/students.

I found an REI club in local, hopefully I will meet more inverstors there to network with (I am going to my first meeting next week). Good luck to you Darin. Thanks for the postive note Bryan. It helps beginners.

I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by Darin S.

Posted by Darin S. on March 16, 2001 at 19:47:29:

Hello I am very interested in getting started in REI. I have seen the infomercials on TV now for years. I am currently attending college and will graduate next year. My Degree will be in Sports Management and Physical Education. I have been reading posts on this web site for about a week now and I am so glad I found this site that was refered to me by an expert at Yahoo experts called Bigwallygoblue. I would first like to thank him for telling me about this site. My next question is I know I need to get educated but what program is good to get started with, Carleton Sheets, Ron Legrand, Russ Whitney? Like I said I am a college student that doesnt have a lot of money to invest right now but I am willing to start small now and gradually build my so called Resource Library overtime. Basically I dont have the money to buy every course there is out there. I just need the basics to get started. Then I will add on from there. the other problem I have is all these doubters around me. Everyone tells me it cant be done but everytime I hear that I just want to do it even more. My wife is one of those people so I need to convince her that this is a good investment. I know what your thinking, but I joined a MLM company before nad it ended up getting shut down by the FCC about 5 months after I started it and I checked into it with the BBB and there were no complaints at the time. Long story short we lost a bit of money on that deal even though I made about $5000 in 4 months there but we still owe the rest. Another question I have is about how long should it take me to get through a course and actually apply the principles and get started in the industry. Is this something I could start out part time until I graduate from college or is it something that you have to do full time or else dont waste your time? Any information, advice or input would be appreciated. Sorry for the long run around to get to the point. Thanks for taaking the time to read.

Re: I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by George

Posted by George on March 17, 2001 at 13:51:29:

Less than $200:
Best Sheets, and Legrand.

Both of the above give you a good feel for RE and even ideas that you can use to make some money right away…
(Do NOT GET Legrand the Cash Generator, but the quick cash course. It costs $185 and includes the cash generator. Much better deal, more information)

Re: I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by Russ Sims

Posted by Russ Sims on March 17, 2001 at 01:28:24:

Carleton Sheets is an excellent place to start, mainly because of the vast variety of creative techniques he explores.The course should get you to thinking creatively and you’ll learn a lot of the lingo bantered about in creative RE circles. I finished the course in about 2 weeks and bought a home within a month (I was working full time). When I bought the Sheets course, my wife actually cried because we didn’t have the money for it (I didn’t tell her for fear she would talk me out of it). I made her the promise that if I didn’t make the course pay for itself in 30 days, that I would get a refund for the thing. Well, it took me a little over 30 days to do my first deal, but my wife could see for herself the potential in this creative real estate stuff…In fact the course paid for itself literally hundreds of times over on that first deal.

That was 2 years and 25 homes ago. After that first deal I discovered this web site and began to learn about the quick turn techniques taught by Bronchick, Legrand, and Kaiser. The stuff I do now (mostly lease/options and purchasing ‘subject to’ existing loans) has little to do with most of Sheets teachings, but that’s where it all started for me. After that first deal I plunged into this full time and have been able to make a good living ever since. And my wife, the skeptic? Last October she quit her full time job to help me.

Of course you can start this part time, but you’d better be a good time manager…you’ll be competing with full time investors and I can’t tell you it will be easy, but it’s certainly possible. Set realistic goals, like getting a house every 3 months or so and soon you’ll begin to pick up momentum: each deal will be easier than the last; your growing confidence will only beget more deals.

I have been fortunate to be around fiends and family that have been positive and supportive. In fact no one has ever said a negative word about what I do, and that’s huge. If I had doubters around me, it would be a tougher go. I’m glad you let the negativity you encounter motivate you to success: You’ve got the right attitude to make a go of it.The best of luck to you!

Re: I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by Bryan

Posted by Bryan on March 16, 2001 at 20:09:14:

First off learn the BASICS, like i did, ALL programs are good, BUT, Whitneys is too expensive and the only way you LEARN from them IS BY GOING TO THEM, there learn kit is a sales tool of fishing to get you in to teach you the NITTY GRITTY, and it’s over 2000. SHEETS is really good, BUT BUY it on E-BAY at half price. IT WILL teach you the basics, and THEN you READ more from there. THE BEST THING TO DO AFTER BASICS, is find a MENTOR, someone doing WHAT you wanna do. Believe it OR not, people in this industry love to TEACH others. ALSO, AS you start to LEARN, fix or BUILD your CREDIT you will NEED it, NO MATTER what people say, I live in LA and you even need it out here. IT WILL TAKE YOU ABOUT 2-3 months before you FEEL comfortable with your knowledge before buying. ABSORB all YOU can at first AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS get second and third opinions ON EVERYTHING

Re: I am interested in REI but have questions? - Posted by Darin S.

Posted by Darin S. on March 17, 2001 at 09:53:23:

Hey thanks for the advice. I went to ebay and a lot of the courses on there are old, does this matter? Should i try and get a recent version of the course or by one that is a couple years old? Will any of the bonuses they offer now on the infomercials benefit me to order of the TV? Any help would be great. Thanks again.