I BUY...ADS - Posted by lisa

Posted by SCook85 on March 30, 2000 at 16:33:02:

I don’t think that you can come up with a magic ad to set you apart from everyone else. You need to just get your ad in there and get your fair share of calls. It seems as though you are trying to eliminate certain callers, you have to learn to just deal with them all. The key to buying and selling is volume. Not everyone is going to work out, but you need to get enough calls to find the ones that will. I’d rather have 20 calls knowing that one is going to work out then 1 or 2 calls that might work out.


I BUY…ADS - Posted by lisa

Posted by lisa on March 30, 2000 at 09:52:01:

There seem to be so many I BUY HOUSES ads in the local papers here. How can I set my ad apart from the others? Also, I don’t want to use this type of ad, because I don’t think it fairly describes what my co. does. We are mainly into getting people to “Live the American Dream” of home ownership. We truly believe, unlike a bank, that each individual’s situation is different and that everyone deserves to own their own home. That is the sales end. On the buying end, we want to be problem solvers for sellers(fsbo’s, etc), but I really don’t want to deal with other investor’s in the area (i.e. taking on their bad deals et al) and have to explain to them why I don’t want their homes. Also, what is the best way to approach realtors and get them to refer sellers to us?