I call myself an investor - Posted by Glenn

Posted by Glenn on January 10, 2001 at 17:30:41:

Dear Ed,
I have a few quick questions, I call myself an investor, but I have not done one real estate deal, YET!! I have however been investing my time and energy in learning the terms and general practices involved in real estate. I have a friend who owns 25 properties, I call him my mentor. He has told me he is willing to sell me his “cash cow” on contract, and that is great. But I need to know what to do as far as step one goes, to get the ball rolling if you will? I live in Hammond, In. 46324. I have had to file a chapter 7 bk, but have had my disscharge for almost 2 years.
And have been doing extensive credit rebuilding since then. Real estate investing is definitly what I want to do. It seems almost immpossible for me to fail, I have friends who install carpet, guys who do drywall,and I am an expert painter. I was scared before to just jump in and make a mistake. I know now that I cannot fear SUCCESS anymore. I am a young man who has all the abilities in the world, I just need some insight on what to do first. With my credit situation are there fesible options for me to attain that first property? I think I might need some kind of special program or something along those lines. In closing I would like to ask if you have any wise words for me to follow?

Thank You in Advance,