I did it! No Money Down! - Posted by Russ, IL

Posted by Laure on January 23, 1999 at 08:47:34:

Make sure you introduce yourself to the new Tenants. Also, just a warning, it has been my experience that Tenants tend to leave with a new owner. So get them on your lease right away if there is not currently one in effect.

Good luck ! and don’t forget to take a breath ! LOL

Laure :slight_smile:

I did it! No Money Down! - Posted by Russ, IL

Posted by Russ, IL on January 23, 1999 at 08:14:24:

I have been visiting this site for about a year and a half and I would first like to thank everyone who posts here. The vast array of knowledge and experience is worth more than money. Anyway, I just did my first deal. I got a three unit building with new financing as a first and the seller is holding a second. I came away from the table with money in my pocket and the property pulls a positive cash flow. I am totally pumped to start looking for my next conquest. Thanks again to everyone posting on this site.

Re: I did it! No Money Down! - Posted by Doris-Va.

Posted by Doris-Va. on January 23, 1999 at 21:43:06:

CONGRATULATION!! Again you have proved to all us newbies that it can be done.

How about writing a success story and go into DETAIL on what steps you took - what you said to people - what forms you used and where you got them - and how it went down. We need the true basics.

Thanks - Doris - Va.