I dont know where to start - Posted by Jill Spencer

Posted by Desmond on June 11, 2000 at 18:47:11:

I have read three of robert’s books and have attemted to order the last book
Rich dad poor dad
cash flow quadrant
if you want to be rich and happy dont go to school
rich dads guide to investing (on order)

I am very serious about wanting to learn to invest in real estate. I am more than willing to do anything and everything to learn and to fail at it if need be in order to keep learning. I am looking for anyone in the San Antonio,Texas area or wherever that would be willing to teach me how to go about starting. I am more than willing to do as I am told so long as in return I am taught. In essence I am not looking for a job just some training I want no compensation other than the training. I am just looking for a brain to pick. Again finances at this point in time is not the biggest concern of mine the knowledge is. I am 25 years old and have on average at least 5 days a week that I can invest towards learning.


I dont know where to start - Posted by Jill Spencer

Posted by Jill Spencer on June 06, 2000 at 22:40:44:

Hi everyone, my name is Jill. I just graduated high school and am 18. I’m very interested in real estate investing, but i dont know where to start. I’ve seen “The No Down Payment” course on tv and it was very interesting how people could start making money from investing in real estate with no money to begin with. Is this actually possible, or is it a scam? Is it possible to purchase a home with no down payment without spending money doing so? Also, i would like to know what way of investing has the least risks. I would hate to get a home for no down payment, spend money fixing it up, and then not be able to sell it. Any tips or pointers? For you successful real estate investors, how do you suggest that i start?


I can suggest a course of action for you… - Posted by soapymac

Posted by soapymac on June 08, 2000 at 11:51:30:

if you are willing to put it to good use.

Do you want to get rich quick? If so, then pass on the whole subject of real estate…it simply does not happen.

No money down deals? Yep, they happen, all right…but they happen to individuals who have PAID THEIR DUES and invested in themselves to acquire the knowledge to recognize when the possibility exists to purchase property without using their own money (which is the definition of a “no money down”. deal)

THAT is what I am going to suggest to you as your FIRST investment. The Bible says that you should get wisdom; and with your wisdom, get understanding. So I am going to suggest that your first investment should be in yourself.

Were I your father, and knowing what I now know about investing, I would suggest to you to invest in the three books written by Robert Kiyosaki:

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
“The Cash Flow Quadrant”
“Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing”

which will mean you’ve invested about $50.00 in yourself.

Second, as you read these books, keep looking about this board to see if any of the different types of investing (mobile homes, notes, rehabs, “flips,” lease options - L/O’s for short - stuff like that) appeal to you.

If one of them does, make another investment in yourself and purchase a course through this board that specializes in that area.

Third…and most important…don’t be afraid to ask questions. The dumb question is the one you DON’t ask.

Lastly, let me share this with you: I have three children, the youngest of whom is 22 and is a missionary with Youth With A Mission. He has learned…and is continuing to learn…what Kiyosaki is teaching through those books. This is how he will be supporting himself on the mission field. The knowledge that you will gain will be as priceless to you as it is to him.

Cordially…and Welcome to the Family!

Roy MacLean

Re: I can suggest a course of action for you… - Posted by Andy

Posted by Andy on June 09, 2000 at 17:43:29:

Great post. Haven’t I seen you on Messianic Jews site? Great advice for anyone starting out in any field.

Re: I can suggest a course of action for you… - Posted by John C.

Posted by John C. on June 08, 2000 at 18:27:22:

Great post soapymac! I have just read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it really opened my eyes. I will be getting the others as soon as I finish Earnest Tew’s book.:slight_smile: