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Posted by Jacob on March 04, 2000 at 24:24:03:

Robert R. Made an excellent point to me privately about not aruging points. He said it showed one’s strength.

My response was worded in such a way as to not seem negative or argumentative. Reading the original post (which I have several times) really angered me a great deal. First thing I thought was what the relevance to real estate investing was. It reminded me of the silly forwards I get from 12 year olds promising good luck for life if I forward this to 10 friends immediately.

You see, I didn’t want to point out several very obvious flaws that really would have inflamed a few people, which was not my intention.

I didn’t really want to make the point that WWII was about as misguided as Vietnam or Korea. That millions of Americans were sacrificed to save Communism in Russia and so Stalin could kill a few million more of his own people. Having had two gradfathers that fought in WWII, another that fought in Korea (yes, I had three grandfathers) and a father that fought in Vietnam (not to mention my Marine Corps service) I am as fiercely patriotic as anyone else.

The problem is, I don’t feel anyone owes anyone a thing. It isn’t Clinton’s fault that social security was a joke from the start, another wonderful government program to solve our problems. It’s up to each individual to ensure their own survival, not expect the government (or actually, my tax money) to take care of them in the future. I sure don’t.

If you still don’t feel as though I got it, that’s ok. That’s another great feature about this country that I love. The ability to see things as we choose.


I felt this was worthy of sharing… - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on March 02, 2000 at 08:31:45:

> > > > > Subject: The Priviledged
> > > > > >
I was embarrassed to read that President Clinton and his
Advisors have said, “The older generation must learn to sacrifice
as other generations have done”
> > > > > >
That’s my generation. I knew eventually someone would ferret out
the dirty secret: we’ve lived the "lifestyle of the rich and famous"
all our lives. Now, I know I must bare the truth about my generation and
let the country condemn us for our selfishness. We certainly don’t deserve
any of that social security money that we’ve put away for 45 or 50 years!

We sure don’t need help with our medical bills…no, we’ve surely got
enough put away for a $250,000 open heart surgery bill. We’ve had
so much fun in our lives why just read the following.
> > > > > >
During the Depression we had a hilarious time dancing to the tune of
"Brother Can You Spare A Dime?" We could choose to dine at any of
the country’s fabulous soup kitchens, often joined by our parents and
siblings…those were the heady days of carefree self-indulgence.
> > > > > >
Then, with World War II, the cup filled to overflowing. We had the
chance to bask on the exotic beaches of Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and
Okinawa; to see the capitols of Europe and travel to such scenic spots as
Bastogne, Malmedy and Monte Cassino. Of course, one of the most exhilarating
adventures was the stroll from Bataan to the local Japanese hotels,
laughingly known as death camps.
> > > > > >
But the good times really rolled for those lucky enough to be on the beaches
of Normandy for the swimming and boating that pleasant June day in '44.
> > > > > >
Even luckier were those that drew the prized holiday tickets for
cruises on sleek, gray ships to fun filled spots like Midway, The
Solomons and Murmansk.
> > > > > >
Instead of asking, "what can we do for our country, "an indulgent
government let us fritter away our youth wandering idly through the
lush and lovely jungles of Burma and New Guinea.
> > > > > >
Yes, it’s all true: we were pampered, we were spoiled rotten, we
never did realize what sacrifice meant. We envy you, Mr. Clinton,
the harsh lessons you learned in London, Moscow, Little Rock, and
the secluded cubby’s of the Oval office with a young intern.
> > > > > >
My generation is old, Mr. President…and guilty; but we are
repentant. Punish us for our failings, sir, that we may learn the
true meaning of Duty, Honor, and Country. Give that money that
we’ve been putting in to Social Security and Medicare to those more
deserving…like yourself?
> > > > > >
Robert J. Grady, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret), Colorado Springs
> > > > > >
For all of us who still remember, let those who don’t, understand
> > > > >

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Posted by Jack Beam on March 02, 2000 at 17:55:50:

About the only thing that you left out was how your generation has managed to foul the entire earth and mortgage childrens furtures for years to come for your own self gain.

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Posted by Jacob on March 02, 2000 at 12:22:48:

I was raised with the strict belief that one should respect one’s elders. I’m maybe one of the few of my generation that still believes that to this day. I predominately learn from those older than myself.

Having said that, I’d like to throw a few comments in here. I’d like to preface them by saying I don’t want to offend or insult anyone; nor do I want to stir up any controversy.

Social Security is maybe the best example of good intentions gone horribly wrong. The 15% that was subtracted from your paycheck your entire career would have done much better in cd’s, then giving it to the government for another program.

This has nothing to do with Clinton, and should not be another excuse for more pointless attacks. I am not a Democrat, nor a Clinton supporter. I just don’t understand how it’s his fault that this stupid, misguided program dreamed up by a closet communist (FDR) has been exposed as a total fraud. It just happened on his watch. Ask his Republican counterparts why they didn’t have the nerve to admit it was messed up 20 years ago during their wonderful deficit spending days. Instead of giving tax breaks to huge corps and major contributers, why didn’t they do something about this sham program 20 years ago?

Just some food for thought.

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Posted by Steve-Atl on March 02, 2000 at 08:54:55:

What do you expect from our “Liar-In-Chief”? He and his comrades have little understanding of the sacrifices of your generation. They only “feel the pain” of those they think will vote for them.

For me, I proudly salute your generation. You saved us from Nazi rule and gave us a chance to be free. Its too bad that we have allowed Clinton and others to undermine your accomplishments. Thank You!

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Posted by Jim on March 02, 2000 at 08:48:22:

Social Security is just another mismanaged pork barrel gov. program that has been totally abused. Most young people today feel they will see a UFO before a Social Security check. The Gov. has managed to pit two generations against each other with the Gov. always the winner. Jude Wannansiki ( the best economist of our times and a national treasure) wrote an recent article on social security it can be viewed at www.polyconomics.com .

I hope you will spend some time to read what this brilliant man has to say.I hope you will encourage others to visit his site. The economist who taught him his theories just won the Nobel Prize in economics.

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Posted by LDC (IL) on March 02, 2000 at 12:55:27:


I agree with your bit on the Social Security thing. I’ve always said that I could better prepare for my own retirement if I had access to those funds.

I think you need to reread the post.

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