I have a lot of educational materials - Posted by Mario F. Lister

Posted by George on October 31, 2001 at 23:52:26:

Actually, you don’t need any books to start…just go out and do it…you are ready when in your mind you are ready!! too much study can cause paralysis…action talks!! Just choose a technique from any of your books…and go out and do it…

Could be Allen’s option blueprint or Legrand Lease options or flippings, or Bronchick flipping contracts or DelDotto buying some tax liens or in auctions or maybe Nickerson fixers…whatever you decide, just do it!!

I have a lot of educational materials - Posted by Mario F. Lister

Posted by Mario F. Lister on October 31, 2001 at 22:13:30:

Hi there. I have been interested in REI for some time in addition to working an inventory job at RGIS Inventory Specialists part time. As far as courses and books go, in addition to the Carleton Sheets course, I have:
Nothing Down for the 90s by Robert Allen
5 Magic Paths to Making A Fortune in Real Estate
How to make it when you’re cash poor by Hollis G. Norton
How you can be financially indepdendent with real estate by Albert J. Lowry
How I turned $1000 into 5 million in real estate by William B. Nickerson
Secrets of a millionaire real estate investor by Robert Shemin
How to buy and sell houses- quick cash from quick-turning houses by Steve Duff (got that on ebay.)
Real estate money machine and 101 ways to buy real estate without cash by Wade Cook
A simple man’s guide to real estate by Bill Vaughn
Fast cash with quick turn real estate (the book) by Ron LeGrand
Flipping properties (the book) by William Bronchick
How to make nothing but money by Dave DelDotto
Well, what do you think? With all these courses and the articles and archives, I would be ready. BTW, do you really think I’ve got everything I need to do deals right now? Do I have a chance?
What do you think of the materials I have?
Happy Halloween. :slight_smile:

Mario F. Lister

Re: I have a lot of educational materials - Posted by Ronald * Starr

Posted by Ronald * Starr on November 01, 2001 at 14:44:39:

Mario F. Lister------------

You’re well on your way. You can continue to study even as you do deals–there is nothing to stop you. And there is plenty more to learn. I’m not the only poster here who is still learning after 20 years of real estate investing.

I have a post that gives a few more ideas about getting started. It might be useful to you. If you put “beginners success” in the search function of this main bulletin board you can read it. Put “expert” into the Carleton Sheets search and you’ll see Paul’s suggestions for beginners. Have you read all the tips for success and articles here at CREONLINE.COM?

If you like real estate investing, you will persist until you reach your financial goal.

Good Investing******Ron Starr

Re: I have a lot of educational materials - Posted by GL

Posted by GL on November 01, 2001 at 09:24:20:

Canadian RE guru tells a story about a lady he met in Vancouver. He was there to do seminars and at one of them, this lady came over and told him that several years earlier, she had attended his free seminar and something he said struck a chord. He said if you buy one house a year for 10 years, you will be a millionaire. So she went out and did it. She bought one house a year for 7 years, and her net worth was over $1,000,000. It didn’t even take the whole 10 years.

She didn’t even take the course! She took one line from his free 2 hour seminar and made $1,000,000. Meanwhile in every course there are 500 to 600 people 90% of whom never make a single dollar because they never do anything.

The point is you have all the information (more than enough really) you need to make a start. Maybe you will fumble around a little but you already have more information than your heros had when they started.

When someone is in the spot you are in I always offer the same advice. If you don’t own your own home, go out and buy one using the techniques you have learned. Take your time and get a good deal on a house you like. The worst that can happen is you wind up owning your own home (like everyone else). At best it will give you the experience and confidence to go forward in real estate investing.

Other things you need - Posted by ken in sc

Posted by ken in sc on November 01, 2001 at 06:59:24:

John Schaub once said: “You don’t need 99 ways to buy with nothing down, you just need to find a motivated seller and use the way you know” or something to that effect. He means that the important thing is to find a good deal, not a lot of different ways to structure it.

Sounds like you a have a good formal education. That is like having gone to college but never worked. You need experience IN YOUR MARKET and that can be gained by a lot of different ways. You could:

  1. Work for someone in RE such as prop. management company or contractor. There would be a lot of skills gained there.

  2. Do as many suggest and visit numerous houses for sale and watch what they eventually sell for. That way you will not only spend a lot of time talking to sellers and getting confidence, but you will be learning values which is very important.

  3. Buy just one to rent or fix and sell and do that project while continuing to do your regular job.

The books are great and that is how I learned what I knew when I started. My first profits took me to my first seminar. And my education continues…

Good luck - Ken