I have a research paper due. What do you know? - Posted by David L. Rosengarden

Posted by DaveR on March 15, 2001 at 23:57:58:

Much thanx! As it is, many of the books that I got from the library are the ones you posted. The first one I picked to read is the WM Nickerson book (yes the original 1959 copy!) Thanx again! How about an interview?


I have a research paper due. What do you know? - Posted by David L. Rosengarden

Posted by David L. Rosengarden on March 10, 2001 at 23:00:43:

Hi folks.

I have a research paper due in my Grammar & Composition II class. I have 5 weeks to do it and I think I’m already on my second week.

My topic: Successful Real Estate Investing: A History and How to.

I would like to show a brief summary of successful, creative real estate investors over the past 50 years or so and then complete the bulk of my paper with how to do it today.

Here’s what I need if any of you gurus can help:

Recommendations of books (at least 7) that will give me the resources necessary for proper research.

What kind of outline could I use? How should I present the paper? (History first then a how to? What steps in the how to would be the major points? Should they have a logical progression?)

Finally, I can also use interviews from respected sources of authority on the topic at hand. Considering my company on this site, who would be willing to be interviewed? (Most likely would be a questionaire sent by e-mail)

I appreciate all your help and advice in advance. Thanx!

Dave R

The Authors - Posted by David Krulac

Posted by David Krulac on March 11, 2001 at 06:40:38:

  1. Wm Nickerson wrote the first popular book on real estate investing for the average person. It is a classic and the basis of ALL who follow. 1959 “How I turned $1,000 into a million in Real Estate in my spare time” Title later revised to 3 million and 5 million.
  2. Albert J. Lowry 1977 “How you can become financially independent by unvesting in Real Estate” He further expanded Nickerson’s work and worked with Nickerson on a seminar that traveled across the country teaching people about investing in real estate from the conference room of their local hotel. They would come to town with free introductory seminars Monday through Thursday with a non-free Saturday and Sunday seminar to sell.
  3. Mark O. Haroldsen in 1976 wrote the book, “how to wake up the Fiancial Genius inside you”. He advertised the book with full page dense copy ads that had many words and were like a magazine article. It was a deifferent approach at the time, sort of an infomercial in print. He also published a monthly magazine called the “Financial Freedom Report” and had extensive seminars and real estate conventions. Many gurus passed through his organization including Ron Legrand, who later ended up buying Haroldsen’s real estate publishing and seminar empire.
  4. Robert G. Allen 1980 “Nothing Down” Best selling book promoting low or no down payment to buy houses. He had extensive seminar and was instrumental in setting up local investment clubs. Lowry had done that also but Allen expanded it.
  5. A.D. Kessler wrote in 1981 the book “a Fortune at your feet”, which was based on his seminars and real estate experiences going back to the end of WWII. Robert Allen wrote the forward for the book and praise Kessler as teaching more people to make more money than anybody else.
  6. Robert Bruss wrote several books including the 1982 “The smart investor’s guide to Real Estate”. But his weekly column on real estate in mainstream newspapers across the country and now on the internet get his message into more homes than anybody else. His real estate advice and answering reader mail brings real estate to the forefront not only for investors but also the average home owner/buyer not looking for investments.
  7. Carelton Sheets has run basically the same informercial for 15 or more years bombaring the airwaves and cable stations with his message. His message albeit superficial reaches the massses, many of whom would never have read a real estate book. Putting the message on tape/CD has enabled many more to hear the message and expand the scope of real estate investing to many more people.
    Dave R, I hope you get an “A”, but I want credit at least in a footnote!
    David Krulac