I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by Chris Underwood (MS)

Posted by JohnBoy on April 07, 1999 at 24:40:59:

Hey Jan or Chris or what ever your real name is? Here’s a little update from the BBB:

“At present, there is no Better Business Bureau serving the Miami/Ft. Myers area of Florida (counties of Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Dade and Monroe).”

Here are a few things the BBB that you so strongly endorse (You know, the one that doesn’t exist in your area because they were EXPELLED from the CBBB) recommends you do BEFORE you buy into a companies service or products:

? Be wary of quick-profit schemes.

? Look with doubt on promises that can ?double your money.?

? Turn down money requests accompanied by high-pressure warnings such as, ?Tomorrow will be too late.?

? Always demand written information about the organization behind the investment plan.

? Get a professional opinion.

? When in doubt, make no commitment, and do not be afraid to hang up the telephone, without explanation, on an aggressive promoter.

? Ask for a prospectus, offering circular, financial statement or similar document before you consider investing.

(I have to agree with them on this last one. Can nationwide furnish this information before they take your money???)

Since your so hung up on having such a great rating with the BBB, then why can’t you back up what your company promises without all the lame excuses? And why the need for all the phony names you post under here?

By the way, it was your e-mail that gave you away Jan/Chris/or??? Seems like your foot in your mouth is getting bigger and bigger every time you make a post! LOL

I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by Chris Underwood (MS)

Posted by Chris Underwood (MS) on April 06, 1999 at 22:03:41:

I was interested in Nationwide’s ad so I checked with the Attorney General’s office in Florida today. The results: no lawsuits ever filed against Nationwide.

I asked them about what was discussed earlier today. They told me the difference between a reputable and dishonest firm’s tactics are: (1) do they have a publicly known street address?; (2) do they have open records and compliance with the state?; (3) do they have a record of many complaints against them?; and (4) do they stand by what they advertise?

Their comments on the above questions are: (1) they do have a public address open to anyone to see; (2) they have good compliance standards with the state; (3) they do not have an substantial number of complaints filed, and (4) no one has ever sued them for not standing by what they advertise.

Personally, I’m tired of hearing all of the nasty backtalk and contrary to what others may think, I do believe in the state’s Attorney General’s office.

Re: I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by Charles - DFW

Posted by Charles - DFW on April 07, 1999 at 18:16:27:

While whether Nationwide is reputable is important. You are focusing on the wrong issue.

The issue is, that any deal you do with Nationwide you can do yourself, and make more money. You could also do more deals because you are eliminating a middle man.

You don’t need Nationwide. The information, people, and courses on this site will provide you a better return on your investment.

Good Luck,

ps. I am also very reputable. No one has filed any complaints against me. So, Send me $500 and I guarantee within 48hrs I will have a thank you card in the mail to you. (Actually, I will have it out within 24hrs)

Re: I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by Dave B

Posted by Dave B on April 07, 1999 at 02:39:13:

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, get the hell outta here! LOL
You’re wasting space. Why does it have to be the ATTORNEY GENERALS or BBB office for a complaint… Most people who are here, excepting you and your nationwide sales team, are reputable, and there are LOTS of complaints here. You saying that CREONLINE isnt as important as the offices you mention? You oughta watch where you’re saying that, you happen to be here, and there are LOTS of complaints here. I think if you want some respect, you’d give some of the complaints a little respect, and quit bein a freakin BLOWHARD with the same old tired info!!
Get on down the road!

Dave B

Another thought! - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on April 07, 1999 at 24:29:24:

Not to take anything away from Nationwide. There intentions may be legitimate, I have the same ideas of doing a nationwide company myself someday. Getting the systems in place is the key thing. The systems that I have been establishing on a local level have been more strict then what I would do for myself in order to keep others in check. I’m still here and talk to these people everyday whom I have making offers for me. Nationwide’s offer criteria is much stricter then what I have set up. If you can find a deal that makes sense to them you got yourself a homerun. Are those deals out there, sure they are, but how often do we find them. It’s not everyday that we find $100,000 homes for $40,000 that need less then $10,000 in repairs. These are the types of deals (from what I understand) that you have to bring to Nationwide in order for them to fund. I buy lower priced properties for 50% of FMV often but by the time I pay for repairs and holding and closing, I’m usually into them for 70-75% of FMV, a good deal in most peoples books, but not Nationwides. I’d be interested in knowing your progress if you pursue this.


Re: I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on April 07, 1999 at 24:20:30:

I don’t know much about Nationwide except for the fact that when I advertise properties for sale I have people call me and tell me that they are all cash buyers. When I delve they tell me that they are backed by a company in Florida called Nationwide. I’ve asked the 2 people how many deals they have done. The first answer I got was “a few”, the next one said “no” deals. The guy who told me “a few” came clean in later discussions. He wants to come work for me. He currently works for my rehabber because all of his hard work finding properties for Nationwide was a waste of time. I will back this guy all the way, he found some very good deals that while they drug there feet and let contracts go into default someone else bought the properties. This guy in particular is now going to be finding properties for me instead of Nationwide. I guess I’ll start calling myself “International Homebuyers”.


Re: I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on April 06, 1999 at 22:34:52:

Then send in your $500 and join up with them. Then report back later and tell us about all the great deals they did with you! If you read the thread earlier, then you will recall their number one source for checking them out was to call the better business bureau in Flordia for a reference. Those were their words. It appears that Ft. Meyers no longer has a legitimate BBB unless they got another one approved recently. Seems the original one down there was expelled for management reasons. Here’s a clip of a news release about it and nationwides number and address for anyone else that’s interested in signing up with them:

Here is the number and address to nationwide. If you notice they are located in Ft. Meyers, FL. That’s the same Ft. Meyers, Fl. that the Miami/Ft. Meyers BBB has been EXPELLED! The same local BBB that seems to be the source of nationwides only reference. Hmmmmmm???

Nation-Wide Real Estate Discounters
14360 S. Tamiami Trail
Ft. Meyers, FL 33912
Phone: (941) 489-0049

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
Press Release


Council of Better Business Bureaus Expels Miami/Ft. Myers BBB
Arlington, VA., July 30, 1997 – The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) announced today that it had expelled the Better Business Bureau of South Florida, located in Miami and Ft. Myers, Florida, from membership in the CBBB. Expulsion by the CBBB revokes the right of that organization to use the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU name and TORCH logo, which are owned by the CBBB.

The CBBB Board of Directors originally expelled the Better Business Bureau in South Florida (hereafter referred to as the Miami BBB) several months ago after finding a recurrent failure on the part of the Miami BBB to meet CBBB Policy and Operating Standards. The expulsion did not take effect at that time, but was instead suspended by the CBBB, because of steps the Miami BBB agreed to take that were expected to produce full compliance with CBBB standards and policies in a reasonable time.

Re: Another thought! - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on April 07, 1999 at 08:44:31:

I do believe in developing systems in your LOCAL area where you can fund deals using OPM. This is much different than Nationwide who claims to be able to do it on a national basis. As you setup your LOCAL funding business, notice how hard and how many details there are setting up your system. Now try and do that Nationwide.

Not only must your system work Nationwide, as Nationwide claims, but you must also spend full time pouring over all the details of your guru/information selling business. THE REASON IT CANNOT BE DONE IS PROFIT MARGIN. It is to capital intensive and the profit margin would be extremely slim.

Carleton Sheets, Ron LeGrand, Nick Koon, & Charles Givens have all considered how to go Nationwide with a Lending/Put up the money business and haven’t. The ones who do (Nationwide, Success Magazine, Homebuyers, McCorkle) all have the absolute worst reputation.

I wish you much success on a LOCAL level. I do believe you are on the right track.


Re: I Investigated - Nationwide is Reputable - Posted by Chris Underwood (MS)

Posted by Chris Underwood (MS) on April 06, 1999 at 23:09:20:

Definitely will!!

Thanks for the advice!!