I just got fired from job!!!!! Thank you GOD! - Posted by Shelby

Posted by Erich on January 20, 2000 at 12:38:43:

Congrads on your new life!!!
Now you can start building wealth and living your own life.

One piece of advise… look for motivated sellers not dream houses. Once you find the motivated seller don’t let anything stop you…Knock on doors.

I just got fired from job!!! Thank you GOD! - Posted by Shelby

Posted by Shelby on January 20, 2000 at 11:46:33:

Greetings everyone. I went into work this past tuesday and received the old pink slip. I feel kinda happy. No longer can that crummy job (just over broke) hinder me from my life long dream…a successful real estate investor. This job took over 85%-90% of my time. I had no time left for GOD, my family, and even myself. Freedom really feels good. Now the real work begins. I’m trying the flyer on mailbox method in finding good real estate deals. I live in the metro Atlanta area so I have plenty of fertile ground to cover. If anyone has had the same experiance or would like to make an suggestion or comment please do so. I welcome any feedback.

Re: I just got fired from job!!! Thank you GOD! - Posted by Tim (Atlanta)

Posted by Tim (Atlanta) on January 21, 2000 at 07:25:46:

I see from your post that you are elated at loosing your job. That is the first step to true financial freedom. You must let go of your security blanket and step out on your own. I congratulate you for your attitude.

Now for some bad news : The Atlanta market is a real sellers market right now. Especially inside the perimeter. There is also tons of competition out there looking for deals. All you need to do is look at all of the I Buy Houses ads in the AJC. But on the good side, your competition is not doing a very good job at its homework. Several deals I have made have come from the fact that I was the only person that actually answered my phone/pager and returned calls. Since you now have the time, take the time to visit with sellers. Your personal attention will set you apart from your competition.

I would also like to encourage you to come to the convention. It is invaluable to someone dedicated to REI.

If I were doing the flyer on mailbox route, I would concentrate first on your local area, then branch out into the suburbs. I would not bother with any property inside the perimeter unless you want to get into rehabs. Look for those nice 3/2 houses about 7 years or older. There are TONS of them with people who are in trouble and want to sell. I would also search the local newspaper or courthouse for listings of upcoming foreclosures. This can be a great resource for leads.

Good luck and keep us posted. Feel free to contact me, I am always happy to meet and talk with other investors.

Re: Get line of credit before leaving job - Posted by Millie I.

Posted by Millie I. on January 21, 2000 at 03:27:49:


In case they gave you an early notice, and you have a month or so before you go, get a line of credit out of your house before you leave the job, you will need the capital. Once you are out of a job, it would be a lot harder to get a loan. Yes, go to the convention, you will be glad your are free.

Good Luck,
Millie I.

Re: RUN with it! - Posted by Stacy (AZ)

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on January 21, 2000 at 02:02:50:

After over 20 years with my current employer, I’ve just made it through layoff number 10 (caused this time by a huge merger with another fortune 500). In the back of my mind I was hoping that my employer would force my hand, and lay me off. You understand why.

My point is, this is an opportunity for you. I can tell by your post that you’ll make the MOST of it. Go get 'em.


Re: I just got fired from job!!! Thank you GOD! - Posted by Jim Holmes

Posted by Jim Holmes on January 20, 2000 at 23:35:17:

I left my job in August of '98, as next in command, I was working 50-60 hours a week. I was offered a job that paid twice as much, but took one that paid only half what I was making (teaching),so I could have more time off for family and to invest. That was the best move of my life. Last year my net worth increased 300% and the more I learn, the more I earn.

I was waiting for my boss to move on, retire or die. He wasn’t going to do any of those things and I didn’t want to kill him (Although for years I brought him extra fatty danish and encouraged him to smoke and on occasion gave him reason to consume mass quantities of alcohol). Anyhow, life is better, and I’m happy. Welcome to the better part of life!

Re: I just got fired from job!!! Thank you GOD! - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on January 20, 2000 at 18:12:01:


From a guy that the working guys say has not worked a day in his adult life, CONGRATULATIONS. You are about to embark on an exciting, wild ride with all the ups and downs you could think of.

A couple of suggestions. Attend the CREOnline convention in your back yard Feb 25 - 27 in Atlanta and never ever get discouraged, you will succeed if you keep up with this stuff on a daily basis.

YOUR WELCOME ! : ) nt - Posted by The REALLY big guy upstairs

Posted by The REALLY big guy upstairs on January 20, 2000 at 12:44:20: