I need help!! - Posted by Tammy

Posted by Dirk Roach on April 06, 1999 at 09:36:39:

Hi Darla,
I was reading your post and it reminded me of when I was a boy. Way back then my father started a business in buying and selling used industrial equipment. Anyhow it was during the midst of the recession of the ealry eighties, so as you can imagine sales were hard (esp. in the automotive manufacturing biz which is where 99% of his target market lay).
In order to focus on his new biz, he left an executive position which a major company. A lot of friends and family where shocked and suprised and thought that he was nuts.
But I also remember that that he must have been doing something right, as we (his family) really had anything we wanted and none of us were hungry.
He used to close a deal and would come home in the evening for supper and place the check on the centerpeice of the dinning table for all to see.
I suppose in retospect one would think that this was some macho type of behaviour and that he was showing off to his family. But I don’t think so. I think he was merely putting things in perspective. The profits and his family in the same place. Although when asked about his biz, invaribly, my eyes would glaze over with the details of metal tolerences and stress points and how such and such machine would compentsate etc (he was schooled as an engineer), he never got into the nitty gritty of how company A backed out at the last minute, or the finaceing pulled out, or any of the mariad of other “things” with can make any business so much fun.
But you know I’m sure that my mom knew about all of that. Although she never said anything either. The only thing that us kids knew is that dear old dad brought home the bacon, and we were going to get that Satalight dish (the real big one back then) or whatever.
The funny thing is, today, when I pull a deal through, I myself have a tradition which I have started with my family (I have no children yet), but there is always a night out on the town involved.
Anyhow the point of all of this is that. When you bring a check home, lay it out on the table or go out and enjoy a nice dinner with your Spouse or SO. Or do something nice for the family, just don’t go crazy, because your going to want to reinvest as much of your profits back into your business as you can. You not only will get them behind you, but it will motivate and remind you just why you are doing what your doing espically when things get to be a pain.
Dirk Roach

I need help!! - Posted by Tammy

Posted by Tammy on April 01, 1999 at 03:16:17:

I really want to succeed at this but I am afraid to take the first big step. I am looking for somebody that would be willing to share his or her advice with me.
This is all new to me and I am doing this inspire of my husband telling me that it isn’t going to work. I want to prove him wrong and want to prove it to myself that I can really do this. If there is anybody out there that will be willing to take me under there wing please contact me as soon as possible.
Desperate to succeed… Tammy

Re: I need help!! - Posted by Russ Sims

Posted by Russ Sims on April 01, 1999 at 10:55:50:

Hi Tammy:Funny thing about the attitude of spouses. Just a brief story about that. When I bought the Carleton Sheets course I didn’t have a dime in the bank. But thank God I had a credit card that hadn’t been maxed out. I saw the Sheets commercial one day and decided the he** with it! Just do it! So I did. When I told my wife, she literally started crying because she knew we couldn’t afford it. I felt bad but was determined to redeem myself with the deals that would come. Well, 2 months later I arranged a deal that, after all was said and done, allowed us to move into a nice big home with an $800 mortgage. Well, that’s nothing to brag about. Except that that $800 mortgage is being paid for by SOMEONE ELSE! We are basically living here for free because of the tenants on my properties. Needless to say, my wife is not crying anymore. She’s thrilled and I’ve redeemed myself just after my first deal. And the Carleton Sheets course? I won’t even try to calculate how many times it’s paid for itself just on this one deal alone. You may have to put up with your husband’s attitude for a while. But I bet it will change very quickly after that first fat check!Russ

Check out the rest of the site - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on April 01, 1999 at 05:44:15:

Hi Tammy,
Welcome to the world of it can’t be done. Believe me it is a lot of fun, proving everyone wrong.
However things are going to go a lot smoother if you are fortionate enough to get some support at home. The last thing you’re going to need is some negativity taking your focus off your deals.
Okay now check out the rest of the site. Read everything you can. the how to articles the success stories, the other newsgroups etc.
Hit the chat room in the evenings and your learn a lot.
Once you have a gameplan or an idea on what area of RE investing would best suit you, then get down to picking up some courses so that you can learn the nitty-gritty of that area.
Apprentceing under someone can be great, but really you need to make a point that you are serious in this pursuit first.
Good luck, and I look forward to your sucesses,
Dirk Roach

Re: Check out the rest of the site - Posted by Darla Nassif

Posted by Darla Nassif on April 06, 1999 at 07:52:54:

I have the same problem with my husband. Even after I have done two L/O deals he still calls me “MS Real Estate expert” with a laugh!!! I can not wait to put a big fat check in front of him. I also can not wait until he stops laughing and starts working with me. Then we can both get rich! I am very serious about this. Stay focused and keep reading. Best of luck. Darla