I want tips on being successful in real estate - Posted by Tanya

Posted by camgere on June 10, 2007 at 19:21:18:

Immediate income from real estate is going to be a bit difficult. You could obviously get some sales commissions, but I’m sure you’ve thought of this. Easier said than done. You may have to support yourself in a non-real estate job for a while before going full time.

You have to give great value to receive great value. This can take 1 minute of your time or 1 month depending on your experience level.

You express an interest in rentals and commercial. The buyers of these properties are investors. They want a high cap rate, good property managment (not easy), someone familiar with local conditions (taxes, rent control etc.) and a 1031 exchanges that goes as smooth as silk. You have to be a bit careful not to give out financial or tax advice. You can refer people to CPAs and attorneys. You can also say "the house I sold for $100,000 had a property tax of $1,100 the first year (whatever). Or I read this great article, let me send you a reprint. Be the person you would want to go to if you were investing $250,000. Google “turn key real estate”.

The problems that investors have filling rentals, getting property managers, finding cleaning crews and repairmen and understanding the local environments are all opportunites for you to earn money by solving these problems.

Good Luck

I want tips on being successful in real estate - Posted by Tanya

Posted by Tanya on June 10, 2007 at 11:39:03:

I just recently moved to new york city from albany n.y im just starting out in real estate i wanna start fulltime but i need immediate income due to cost of living. i am really eager and i wanna be successful but im scared and kind of discouraged. can someone give me some tips or motivations. thanks! and buy the way im a salesperson i work in the area of rentals, condos, co-ops, commercial,and i sell homes…