I want to try this PLEASE help...uncertain,skeptical.. - Posted by koolcat


Posted by Gordon on March 13, 1999 at 21:13:11:

You can do it! The only one stopping you is yourself.
I, like many others, have purchased Carlton Sheet’s no down payment course. Very informative and motivating.
It was all I needed to get started. I purchased his course in April/May of last year and within 6 months have purchased 2 single family homes. Just gettin ready to rent the second. The first has been rented since August.

You say you can’t afford it? Then why don’t you try
Ebay.com on the internet. You can bid for virtually anything. I haven’t been there yet, but I here it’s a good source for acquiring items at a substantial discount.

The point is this: if you never try then you will never succeed!

There is just way too much important information to learn by reading this site alone. You really need to learn from a reliable source (such as a course) and go out in the world, talk to people. You will be amazed at what you can learn.

Good Luck!!!


I want to try this PLEASE help…uncertain,skeptical… - Posted by koolcat

Posted by koolcat on March 08, 1999 at 19:34:08:

I’am very interested in real estate investing, have been looking for something to start on part time with the prospect of having something to call my own. The thought of working for myself and having freedom for my family is a wonderful prospect. I found this site just the other day while looking for some info bad or good concerning a popular informercial. I have no education in this field and alot of the terminology is greek to me . I am looking for some basic insight and possibly a mentor to help guide me through and attempting a deal. This is something that scares me , I know what I went through to purchase my own house in september of 98 and cant imagine tring any of these scenerios . The thought of purchasing a house with no money to speak of and making another deal with the money you dont have yet and then selling it all to make a profit seems crazy . My wife would tell me to fly a kite and she would probally leave me if I proposed something to that effect. Could someone ease me into this in laymans terms and possibly coach me on how this all works . I really want to learn and dont have any extra money to purchase an expensive package that me seem vauge. I hope someone out there knows where i’am coming from
and give me something to go on . I plan on reading alot from this website to broaden my perspective on this dynamic way of making money . Thank you koolcat.


."I really want to learn and dont have any extra money " - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on March 09, 1999 at 01:36:55:

You said that, and guess what? We all said it once too.
The bottom line is this, you do not need “Extra money” to buy a course or do deals. Make the time and money.
As many of the gurus and doer’s have said, "You CANNOT afford to NOT learn."
The biggest mistake most of us made was to NOT educate ourselves.
I just returned from the convention, and spent alot of money, (according to my old way of thinking) to get there, and on the things I bought while there.
I too bought Sheets a while back, and many books and courses since.(several thousand on everything)
I’ll tell you this, and it is MY TESTIMONY,
ALL the money I have spent on educational material, my computer system, and my trip to Dallas, was covered 5 times with my FIRST DEAL!!!
And, there is still money left!!
Go for it, you can’t afford not too, UNLESS…You like your job, you want to stay where you are, and you have no goals, only dreams.
Because, Dreams are good, but they stay dreams. Make them come to life, because only you can do that! No one hands you anything in life, and everything worth while takes hard work and due diligence.
Defeat your fear by confronting it, and I’ll see ya at next years convention.
Hopefully it will be somewhere more tropical, because I need more sun next time.Õ¿Õ
Who cares what it will cost, because by then, I’ll have plenty of CASH. The TIME will be the real cost.
Go get it done!
That is exactly where I’m off to now,
see ya,
Jim IL

P.S. Even my lovely bride has the bug, she already took tommorrow off from her J.O.B. (I hate that word!!), so she and I can draft some offers. (notice the plural)


Re: I want to try this PLEASE help…uncertain,skeptical… - Posted by ronnie

Posted by ronnie on March 08, 1999 at 22:20:29:

This site is a WONDERFUL resource!!! But if money is an issue, let’s not forget the good old-fashioned library. True, most of the real estate books there are out of date - but the basic creative concepts can still be studied and absorbed. At least this would be a good starting point.

Once you read about a concept that you like, go for one of the courses offered on this site.


Re: I want to try this PLEASE help…uncertain,skeptical… - Posted by Redline

Posted by Redline on March 08, 1999 at 22:12:21:

Dude, I know where you’re coming from but be dedicated or else you’ll never succeed. Don’t sell the farm to get started either.

Here’s a simple quick step approach.

  1. Get educated. Real ALL the articles, How To’s and anything else here. Follow along with the deals. Ther e are also courses sold here that are WELL worth their money. The ideas in these course CAN make you money.

  2. Stay focused. Write down your goals and make them happen. Live, drink, sleep, eat and think RE ALL DAY LONG. (That’s what most of us do.)

  3. Get it done. Go out and learn your market place. Ask questions, see properties, learn the local laws. Meet other investors. Joining a RE CLub in your area would also be a great idea.

Good luck.


Re: I want to try this PLEASE help…uncertain,skeptical… - Posted by Larry TX

Posted by Larry TX on March 08, 1999 at 21:24:30:

I am as new as you but, believe me, you have no reason to be skeptical. Scared maybe…but not skeptical. I just got back from a 3-day convention in Dallas which was put on by this web site. I met people there who are really doing this stuff and who love to help people like you and I. You are in the right place to gain knowledge without spending a fortune. I bought Carlton Sheets course about 2 months ago, but nothing has encouraged me more than meeting and talking to people who are doing it. As soon as you can, I recommend you get to a Real Estate investing seminar or find an investors club in your area. Get around people who are doing what you want to do and don’t be afraid to seem ignorant. Everything is difficult when you first do it. The learning curve here is not as steep as you think and the people using this web site really do want to help you succeed. GOOD LUCK.