I will be Guinea Pig - Posted by Ron

Posted by karp on April 09, 1999 at 10:37:09:

Here’s the challenge.
You have asked for which course to get.

That is a lot like me saying,
“I wanna buy a vehicle, which one should I get?”

The fact that you are 43 and from VA doesn’t mean much to me at all. What WOULD help is if you would read ALL of the HOW TO articles and then post again after deciding what you REALLY like.

It makes getting started so much easier when you have SOME kind of direction…



I will be Guinea Pig - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on April 07, 1999 at 21:35:58:

Hello Group,
I have studied this site for awhile now and am now ready to be a guinea pig so to speak. I am going to get started and post my progress in this newsgroup every other day.
My first action is to buy a course on lease options and flipping. I need input from everyone on which course they recommend.
A little about me. I am 43 male live in Va. I have owned business’ in the past and lost most everything when a major client of mine went bankrupt and in the process took me down with them. Because of this it will be neccasary to use Creative Real Estate to accomplish my goals.
I will follow this with my first “Guinea Pig” update shortly.
Wish me luck as I hope for you the best.Please send your recommendations on courses I should get.