iceburg-how to find motivated buyers - Posted by patrick

Posted by Mike-BC on January 08, 2001 at 24:25:13:

Hello Patrick;

How soon do you need the money?

I recently tried to rent a rental house, had very little interest - two or three calls over two weeks and not one person came to look. It is a difficult market locally but… Without lowering my price, I changed the wording of the ad and included the phrase, “Rent-to-own available”. I got over 10 calls in the two days before I cancelled the ad, had 5 very good prospects and offers from 3. So my advice is, run an ad to rent the property and include a rent-to-own or a lease-option available phrase.

You may not get your money as quickly as you hoped but if you can get a renter in that will cover bills and then a year or so down the road will pay your asking price, it is better than holding onto an empty property that eats up your savings account.


iceburg-how to find motivated buyers - Posted by patrick

Posted by patrick on January 07, 2001 at 17:04:36:

i ve been looking at houses to flip for about a month now
and im getting very discouraged becasue i cant seem to find one with a good profit 10k that can be seen…
please if anyone has ideas…even basic ideas…reply cause i am really losing motivation…
plus i dont have alot of money for advertising

Re: iceburg-how to find motivated buyers - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on January 09, 2001 at 16:51:56:

Do NOT get discouraged. I went through over 50 offers before I had one accepted. That’s over a period of many, many months. I’m glad I stuck it out, though, because success comes to those who are persistant, patient, and thorough. Do yourself a favor and thoroughly research your neighborhoods or however you are doing this. Find out who owns crummy looking properties. Find out who has evictions and write the owner a letter. One of my bigger single deals (7 properties) happened because I stuck up a conversation with a guy while waiting in a supermarket checkout line. It will come if you stick to your guns.


Re: iceburg-how to find motivated buyers - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on January 09, 2001 at 12:28:31:

There are some great How-to articles by Ron LeGrand on finding motivated sellers. Read them.