If you had a $1,000,000 would you quit your job? - Posted by HankTX

Posted by SCook85 on January 12, 1999 at 19:31:18:


Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Good to see you back. I wish that you would read that over and over and over and over until it seeps in. Hope to hear your success stories soon.


If you had a $1,000,000 would you quit your job? - Posted by HankTX

Posted by HankTX on January 12, 1999 at 19:17:09:

Ask yourself this question:
If I had a million dollars in the bank, right at this
moment, would I continue doing the same job?

I remember reading earlier posts about people who said
they would not quit their day jobs to invest and warned
about quiting too early. There is also a new
success story that mentions the author quitting their
job. I just thought I would add this interesting
little article and post this question. BTW, I would
definitely quit my job
I hope this little post
will some people thinking, and to take action with
their investing unlike me. Here’s hoping that some
people leave a job they hate and despise and take
strong action toward real estate investing. Cheers.

“To become a millionare, you must enjoy your occupation.
Those who stay in a job they hate are doubly penalized. Not
only do they despise their work, but worse yet, it doesn’t
even make them wealthy. In fact, most people spend their
lives in this strange paradox. Why? Because they are
unaware of the genuine laws of success, and because of fear.
They waste their lives and their chances of becoming truly
rich by clingling to a type of security that is mediocre
at best. They believe wealth is reserved for others, or
that they don’t have the necessary talent. And why do they
let themselves be tricked into believing these illusions?

This is from “The Instant Millionaire” by Mark Fisher.


I don’t have a Job to quit! - Posted by Mark R in KCMO

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on January 12, 1999 at 23:32:03:


Good to see ya post again!

Regardless of what $$ I have, I would basicly be doing what I am doing now.

I think that I will continue on this path because I enjoy what I do.

Great Question Hank

Mark R in KCMO

I depends… - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on January 12, 1999 at 19:35:26:

The answer for me is it depends. As for the current job I have the answer is yes, for sure. But I would probably quickly proceed to find another much more fulfilling career path in a different area.

The preacher who married me is a self-made millionaire who has a real estate business, a music studio, owns 3 chiropractors offices, and some art shops in several local malls. I don’t think he would give up his preaching though.

I also know an elementary art school teacher (public schools mind you) whose husband makes tons of money (if they are not millionaires I would be very surprised also). They have been living in a 500K house (very expensive in these parts for 20+ years) and this lady still continues to teach.

My grandfather worked 50 hours a week as a self-employed osteopathic surgeon until he was 83 years old. Now he is 88 and has cut back to 2 days a week.

If you are working simply and only for money, then I would say yes the vast majority would want to quit. If you are doing something that you truly enjoy and get fulfillment out of than I would say it really really depends on the person.