If you had to choose just one... - Posted by Ed Eaton

Posted by phil fernandez on February 28, 2002 at 19:09:11:

Everything has to be nurtured. I like David’s idea of handing out business cards to everyone you meet. This is not a results business tomorrow, unless you are lucky.

Do your marketing everyday and eventually it will pay off for you.

If you had to choose just one… - Posted by Ed Eaton

Posted by Ed Eaton on February 27, 2002 at 22:30:51:

If you had to choose just one method of finding notes to broker/buy, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be something that would produce the absolute most number of notes, but ideally it would be something that was as easy to do as possible, take the least amount of time, etc. Just wondering what everything thinks.

Re: If you had to choose just one… - Posted by KC Questions

Posted by KC Questions on February 28, 2002 at 14:37:42:

Have you thought about partnering with investors? You could put up the money, they do the work, and then you would collect the resulting cash flow from your loan. This would be easy to do, wouldn’t require a lot of your time, and you could start looking for investing immediately.

Three Foot Rule - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on February 27, 2002 at 23:31:49:

Hello Ed,

Have a decent business card printed up (doesn’t have to be fancy… simple will do), that says something like “I buy mortgages and other cash flows” or something similar, with your contact information. Then, simply get in to the habit of handing your card out to everybody you speak with about anything - i.e. comes within “three feet” of you.

Any excuse will pretty much do. Somebody needs your phone number, hand them your card. No pitch, just the card. Some people will ask you what you do, tell them. Others won’t. Doesn’t matter, so long as you keep the card going out there!

Cheapest advertising there is, and over time, is generally very effective, if you enjoy what you do, and you are comfortable with the note business!

Try it… I think you’ll be pleased with the results over time!

David P. Butler

Thanks David, but … - Posted by Ed Eaton

Posted by Ed Eaton on February 28, 2002 at 08:40:46:

That’s a great suggestion, and I appreciate the reply, but I was thinking more along the lines of something that has a pretty good chance of generating some biz relatively quickly … know what I mean?

Networking with realtors, CPAs, attorneys, etc. will take some time. Most people seem to say the court house is a waste of time. Likewise with buying mailing lists of note holders and sending them a letter or postcard. Is there anything I can do today that has a good chance of generating some action next week, etc.? I’m not opposed to hard work, I’m just a little busy for the next few months but want to get this ball rolling now. I have more money than time if you know what I mean. Anyway, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Thanks David, but … - Posted by Shawn

Posted by Shawn on March 03, 2002 at 18:44:35:

David, did you tell him about the note network?
How about a small classified ad?