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Posted by JT - IN on August 19, 2001 at 10:40:08:


Your expriences with ppl directing theri questions and attention to your husband are right-on, and are very stereo-typical, sad and true.

We used to own several restaurants, and my wife was really as much of, or more of a key player than I, in or restaurant operation. It used to “tick her off”, when good customers, knowing she is my wife and all, and how diligetn and key she was, would refer to her as “the OWNER’S wife”. Her blood would boil, and rightfully so. Ironically, there would be just as many women as men, who would ask the same stupid question.

You gals do have a slight disadvantage in perception, but for those disadvantages, I can think of a number of advantages, as well. Like the discrimination that I am shown, because I am a 51 yo white male, with a round belly; compared to the attention that is shown to most 32 yo females tht are seeking information or help from a male stranger. For some reason, they never want to afford me the same attention and help…don’t get it. LOL

Poor discriminated against, 51 yo white males, I’ll never be able to get anywhere in this RE investing business! (Giggle)


I’ve had the same experiences… - Posted by Jen

Posted by Jen on August 18, 2001 at 09:18:57:

Except I’m 26! We started when I was 24 or 23- don’t remember now, but I have always REVELED in the responses I get when these older (usually) white men meet me for the first time. Or when we show up at a closing where we worked the selling bank down half of their asking price- with our two babies. We always bring them for effect.

Nobody can tell me they can’t do this because of color or sex or whatever, because I’ve found that being a younger woman just pushes me on to be more and more successful. My husband and I are now buying our first apt. complex, and for good or for bad, we jumped into it with a 40 unit rehab. We laugh at night because we feel like we are stealing, like any minute somebody, the seller, the bank, somebody is gonna go “WAIT A SECOND!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU’RE DOING!!?? YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO DO THIS!” But until that time, we just keep plowing ahead with it- failing is absolutely NOT an option. ha!

Anyway, maybe it helps us be even more motivated. Who knows…

Gook luck girls!!


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Posted by JPiper on August 17, 2001 at 07:57:50:

BPO= Broker Price Opinion.

Good post. By the way, how did you happen to buy property in Oakland since you’re in VA???


PLEASE read. - Posted by Karen

Posted by Karen on August 16, 2001 at 21:53:17:

Hi Brown,
I totally agree with JimFl. I don’t want to take you all the way back through history but I think people, especially black people, have to learn, have to come to an understanding, a knowing that some of your fathers, and grandfathers and their fathers have died for a time such as this.

They have literally given blood and sweat and tears, holding on to just the hope and dream and knowledge that as a black person they ARE equal and deserve to be treated as such. They held on to the dream that maintained that one day they’ll would be able to walk with white men as equals…by no means is this altogether so, but you are living in a time when you can go to school and educate yourself alongside a rainbow of colors.

You have the potential and the opportunity and the mind and will to do anything that you set your mind to and to do that which for others have been only a distant dream.

I don’t know how old you are, but for arguments sake…if your father’s grandfather could hear you ask these questions how do you think he would feel knowing that his life paved the way for you to be able to be where you’re at …right here, right now?

Too often people (in general) have allowed stereo types whether it be of their race or language or handicap or whatever the differences that divide us, to become their reality. In essence they are allowing an OPINION to destroy and place a ceiling on their potential. They are allowing an OPINION to dictate, stunt, and smother their growth. An OPINION!!! d$%n if you only knew that opinions will always be… and they are no more or no less than what the word implies…an opinion! nothing more, nothing less. The only validity it has is the one you lend to it.

Even if you don’t know or have never heard of a black woman that has been successful at real estate investing…determine right now that you are going to be. Forget what the norm is, forget what is popular, forget what is socially acceptable, stifle racist thoughts and attitudes by educating yourself. Knowledge is power! And the only way you can have it working in your favor and in your arsenal is if you arm yourself with as much of it as you can and on a continuous basis. Then and only then you’ll be able to rise above that which is causing you to question.

I dare say that you have a rich and noble heritage, do not dishonor the blood of your fathers by relying on someone elses opinion or someone elses bigoted attitude to define your future. Be it in real estate or any other endeavor… you alone can determine your success (or failure if you choose it.)

Yes racism is prevalent, and yes you’ll come across those that will refuse to do deals with you because of the fact that you’re black. SO WHAT??? Are you going to let this stop you from trying?

By the way ‘brown sugar’ is demeaning. Set yourself up to succeed. You can’t have a goal in front of you and walk backwards to reach it. You are on this board soley for the information that is freely given, whether you’re black or not. Take it, make it your own, embrace it all and then use it to help yourself and others.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but I despise excuses… it sabotages your endeavors and undermines your plans. In short it does not offer an ounce of help. Anything that does not help needs to go!
Much success to ya!

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Posted by JHyre in TexOhio on August 16, 2001 at 14:06:03:

Good post - good advice.

Running for the hills!! - Posted by Alan in Houston

Posted by Alan in Houston on August 16, 2001 at 22:59:26:

John Hyre moving to Houston, got to get out of here before he gets going. LOL.

John I have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend with you here in Houston. Your accessment of the market here is very true. Your ability to communicate in Spanish will be a huge assest here. (As if you need any more help.)

Alan Paine

Great post Johnboy!!! (nt) - Posted by SherryW

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Re: Wise, Wise Words… - Posted by HOuserookie

Posted by HOuserookie on August 18, 2001 at 10:10:35:

Often when people say that life isn’t fair, or that it’s impossible to succeed in business, they are really comparing themselves to the mass.

The mass doesn’t do very well financially.

Now if you were to shift that focus to knowledge and
action, you will find that most people are too busy
doing other things in life.

We either take too much action without enough knowledge, or we have a lot of knowledge, and not enough action.

Strangely enough in RE you don’t have to know everything to make a great living.

Austin ( MN )

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Posted by JohnBoy on August 19, 2001 at 13:18:45:


So your wife got that crap too, huh? Man, that ticks my wife off also! The one that really gets to her, is when she’s talking to someone and tells them not interested or something and they say to her, “I’ll just talk to John!” LOL THAT sets her off, BIG TIME!!!

Way to GO…40 Unit rehab - WoW ! - Posted by JT - IN

Posted by JT - IN on August 19, 2001 at 10:47:24:


Sounds like you are breaking the “sound barrier”, at the ripe young age of 26 and being so aggressive to take on a rehab of that scope. Good for you and your husband.

The entity that you describe: “Wait a Minute…”, is not the Bank, or the Seller, but the IRS, when you start converting things to cash. Just a fact!

Keep up the amibitious development and continued success. I’ll look forward to hearing more from you, on this site.


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Posted by Lisa in VA on August 17, 2001 at 08:50:32:

Thanks for clearing up the BPO. I couldn’t remember.

I was married and lived in Oakland. I put together both deals, found them, negotiations etc. The hubby managed the maintenance of the properties.