I'm a Newbie - Posted by DaveH

Posted by DaveH on February 13, 2002 at 10:24:51:

Well, for starters the deals have yet to be closed so keep your fingers crossed for me…
What I did was, searched for abandoned properties…
Then I went to the court house. In NYC you can pull up all of the information for your prop. via it’s block and Lot… Once you get there just ask a guard to show you where you can go to get the block and lot!! This is the key… In addtion, to the fact that if you live in Brooklyn, you can pull up information for the different Borough’s at the Brooklyn Court house. There is a special computer set aside do this. (Side note, there is a Gray Dog that is always there to help you, be observant, ask and remember to TIP). I found out where the bills (ex. water, tax etc) were sent to and well mailed a letter to the address.
The other way is I searched the pre-forclosure and forclosure list in Clerk Superior office. That’s the building across the street from the Brooklyn, Marriot. Those of you from the NYC area should know what I’m talking about… These are the ways, I went about about to find my Properties… Feel Free to email me with anyother questions… I’m still a newbie but I don’t mind trading/sharing information… The deals are here in New York but you have to research and be persistent!!!
Happy Hunting!!

I’m a Newbie - Posted by DaveH

Posted by DaveH on February 12, 2002 at 14:29:28:

Hello, Creonline…
I’m a newbie who recently stumbled onto this website and well I have already found it to be very, very, very helpful.
I am young investor 20 soon to be 21. I live in New York but attend school in Georgia. Prior to leaving New York to come back to school. I came across five deals, via some of the same methods that is in the Archive heading on Creonline!! Once you type in Getting Started!!
I have a deal of which the
Purchase Price is: $150,000
Market Value:$299,00
I also have 3 Brownstones 4 floors/2bedrooms/1 bath on each floor. We all know what Brownstones are going for in New York City right now. The fifth is a Commerical Property that has 250 stories in down Down Brooklyn.The contract on the brownstones are about to expire February 22nd!!

In short, I am looking for an investor to partner with me. I have payed my dues, with these homes. We all got our start from somewhere.
Help me!! Help me!! Pleaseseeeeeeeee
Please email me @ Entropren@aol.com if you can be of any, any, any, any assistance.
P.S. I am working on some deals in the Georgia area also. So GA investors please don’t hesitate to email me.

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Posted by Len on February 13, 2002 at 08:40:39:

Can you share the methods that you used to locate these properties in NYC, many people have been known to make posts that creative deals cant be made in NYC, any good experiences that you can share will be helpful.

Re: I’m a Newbie - Posted by TimW

Posted by TimW on February 12, 2002 at 21:43:39:

I libe in middle Georgia close to Macon. I have been investing in Real Estate for the past 12 years. I would be interested in looking at deals with you here in Georgia.

Re: I’m a Newbie - Posted by David Garcia

Posted by David Garcia on February 12, 2002 at 18:02:14:

I’m willing to help you with strategies to make these deals go through.