I'm in San Diego, Can I do - Posted by Obi

Posted by JohnBoy on February 17, 2002 at 03:07:00:

It’s possible in ANY state!

Check out Bronchick’s course for doing subject to deals. It’s a lot less expensive.

“Alternative Real Estate Financing”


I’m in San Diego, Can I do - Posted by Obi

Posted by Obi on February 17, 2002 at 24:54:11:

Hello Folks,

Just would like to know if it is possible to buy real estate via “Subject To” methods. I’m a beginner and dont have the money to invest in the $700 course by the France and Bob Meister. I’d like to know what are the steps involved and how to obtain the necessary forms to do this. I would appreciate any help. If there are any San Diegan who has done this type of REI deals, please share your stories with us. Many thanks in advance.

Re: I’m in San Diego, Can I do - Posted by investorrob

Posted by investorrob on February 17, 2002 at 09:27:36:

Obi I am glad to see you are wanting to start investing in Real Estate.

I am not in San Deigo now, but I have made offers there and did not buy because of my limited time in the area. I will in the future do some deals there.
I have a son in Vista.

Obi it’s a fact you will need a little bit of money for investing. So with that in mind I will address some of your questions. If you go into the course section here on creonline under creative financing you will see the 2nd course of (Slam Dunk Deals) $197 Its only for finding these type of sellers that will
let you buy subject to. On one of Bob Meister and the Frances web page http://profitswhilewesleep.com you will find a 150 page e-book on Subject to for $97 So here is a less expense way for you to learn about subject to investing. Obi once you find these types of sellers the rest is easy. So may I suggest to you to study this area of investing (don’t wanter type sellers)—by having them call you. Not you trying to find them by calling adds in the paper. But by putting bandit signs out in the area you want to invest in. Finding couples that are spliting up. This info is public information. Or a family that needs to move etc.

Bronchick has a purchase aggrement contract at legalwiz.com you need the (buyer) one that will work for subject to. This is very low cost. But could be risky if not filled out correctly

I agree with what John Boy has posted. I have stated some low cost ways to put this Subject to in your tool box. but you will be running a financil risk of not protecting your self, . If you choose to run this risk please --after the first one get a good course like John boy stated. Also put a good team together that works for you. Real Estate Atty., Title co., Loan broker, (To get your T/B funding) good handy man.

Finding an invester to help you will give you a boost in finding that first seller. But educating yourself for your own protection is your job.

The very best of investing to you.