Posted by B.L.Renfrow on February 28, 2000 at 21:12:28:

Hey Phil,

Should have followed you guys to Delta! My US Air flight was overbooked too, and I had the exact same idea of hotfooting it back to the Marriott…but I was too *&%## far away from the counter to get up there fast enough when they announced it, so I ended up in the rain and muck in Syracuse at midnight :frowning:

Enjoyed finally meeting you, even if I didn’t get the chance until on the way to the airport.

Brian (NY)


Posted by SCook85 on February 27, 2000 at 22:58:32:

I just got home from Atlanta and tied my record for last year by only sleeping 9 hours the entire weekend. I must say that I am beat right now, and am being fueled by enthusiasm.

It was great to see all of my friends who I met last year, it was as if it were only yesterday that I met them all in Dallas with the exception that we were all doing more deals, making more money and getting a little smarter.

All of the new people who I met, everyone who I spent hours upon hours talking real estate with, it was great. Many of you sought guidance and advice from me and thanked me for it, all of the Thank you’s were not necessary I learned so much myself. Instead I wish that everything you all learned at the convention does not go to waste. I think that all of the speakers, all of the other investors and participants would be happier to know that their words and time will be put to good use.

The information that we all received was priceless. It is knowledge that can set us all free. It can help us all to achieve lifestyles that most of us only dream of. But it can only do all of those things if we take what we learned and put it into action. So I hope that I am speaking for everyone who received a Thank you at the convention by saying “thank me by utilizing all of what you learned, don’t let it go to waste”.

Best of Luck to everyone, I’m looking forward to reading all of your success stories!!!

Happy Investing

Steve Cook

Re: INCREDIBLE TIME IN ATLANTA!!! - Posted by B.L.Renfrow

Posted by B.L.Renfrow on February 28, 2000 at 10:40:53:

Hi Steve,

I agree with you 100%. I had not been to either of the previous conventions, and I always thought some of those “testamonials” had the ring of a Publisher’s Clearinghouse contest, but now I am sounding just like them. I can truly say I picked up enough information just on the first day to more than pay for the cost of the convention. Even those one or two speakers whom I thought beforehand had little to offer to my particular way of doing business were absolutely full of useful tips. And I also have to say “thanks” to all of the great people I met, many of whom I knew only online. It was great meeting you too, even though it was only for 30 seconds in the hallway. (Maybe we could have talked more if steph hadn’t monopolized your ear all evening!) Just kidding, steph :slight_smile:

Brian (NY)

Hey!!! & WOW! AND My thoughts on the Convention :^) - Posted by steph in tex

Posted by steph in tex on February 28, 2000 at 19:50:38:

I must confess- I did hang on to "cook doggie dog"
for quite some time. A wealth of knowledge that kid is.
I am guilty of being over gushy with thank you’s= but man= did I learn alot! That guy is going places! (but look out steve! i’m right behind you!)

As for the convention… it was very fullfilling and exciting as well as an exillerating, emotional ride.

My brain hurt! By the time John Behle spoke, it was mush!Sleep deprivation is not your friend! Thank god for the dictaphone! and thank god he through in the 5 day boot camp! I’m there!

I felt as though I made many new FRIENDS. I would have to include Steve Cook in that group. I truly enjoyed him as a person as well as an investor. There were others too. Hal, for instance. What a wonderful person! Dee, my fabulous roomie and the whole “texas connection”. Terry, who moved me to tears. Phil- of course Phil! I hope I’m as lazy as Phil someday! Bill T-so tall it cricked my neck to talk to him-but there was no way I would have missed it. JPiper-everything I imagined and more-what a smile! Ray@lcorn-what a cool dude!Mike and Jim and Ed and Tony, and David and Brain and Dirk and Jeane and…
the list goes on and on…

But you guys (and gals) changed me. You moved me. I loved the convention, the networking- but most of all i love you people. That is what truly made this an experience I will never forget. I never imagined that I would hate to have to leave. To feel so sad that it was over. But at the same time- so excited to come home and put it all to good use! I was afraid the plane would go down and there I’d go- with all that knowledge! I’d have been pi$$ed!

Thank you everybody- I had the time of my life!

steph in tex

and by the way-
i may not post for awhile-
i’ve got TONS of work to do!!

Re: Hey!!! & WOW! AND My thoughts on the Convention :^) - Posted by B.L.Renfrow

Posted by B.L.Renfrow on February 28, 2000 at 21:45:32:

Hi Steph,

You Texans are something…I never met such a great bunch of people (although the AZ group was pretty cool too).

Every time I ran into Dee, she asked if I’d met so-and-so yet…and if not, she’d find them and introduce me! Tim and Kelly were probably tired of me yacking to them all evening Friday, but they are just the nicest people. Brandi, Jim Kennedy, Harry, and I’m sure there are others, I only met briefly, but you just couldn’t find friendlier folks.

I really wished I had more time to visit with you, too. Sounds like you’ve got more deals going in a month than I’ve got in six! Had you pictured as short and mid 40-ish and someone who’s been in RE a while (don’t know why, but then the only person who looked like what I had pictured was Ed Garcia) then I saw you’re about 20! (Actually, Kelly told me how old you are). Anyway, I’m even more impressed with all the stuff you’ve put together. By the way, let us know how that project with moving the house works out!

Brian (NY)

Re: Hey!!! & WOW! AND My thoughts on the Convention :^) - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on February 28, 2000 at 20:56:14:

Hi Steph,

LOL. Very funny. We didn’t want to leave the convention either, so on Sunday night we went to the airport. The flight was overbooked and they were looking for five people to give up their seats. You never saw five guys run up to the counter so fast.

We gave up the seats and each received a $250 plane voucher, we talked them into giving us each $16 meal, read beer money, and we insisted that they put us up for Sunday night at the good old Atlanta Airport Marriot where the convention was held.

So off we happily go back into the shuttle and back to the hotel where we hobnobbed again with Hal, Piper and company.

To top it off, on Monday morning we all got 1st class tickets for the plane ride home.

Glad you loved the convention. It’s people like you and Dee that make it fun.

Knock em dead Steph.