Info needed - Posted by Arlene B.

Posted by JohnB_NJ on June 16, 1999 at 10:00:16:


I was exactly were you are right now. I had a few rental properties but I had no idea what this “No Money Down” stuff was. One day (about a year ago), I stumbled across this website, and I could not believe the wealth of free information it contains.
Arlene, read all the the HOW TO ARTICLES. I have each one printed and in a binder for easy referal. After reading each article a few times, I decided what type of RE investing I wanted to concentrate on to start out. I purchased a course from this site and I began my NEW investment career. Now, I am full time and I fired my boss! RE investing is not easy at first but it gets easier and easier with each done deal. Don’t get me wrong, RE investing was easier than my JOB. It just takes work, determination and some education.
So, click over to the How To Aricles and read them to get a feel for some of the No Money Down ideas. And if you have any questions on some of the concepts, please post the questions and you will get answers.

Good luck to you and I wish you the best of success!


Info needed - Posted by Arlene B.

Posted by Arlene B. on June 16, 1999 at 07:19:41:

Hello All: Just really wanted to sat first that I really enjoy this board alot, Iv’e been reading here for awhile now & have gained so much. I want to get back into real estate but still am a little confused on where to begin ,I used to have a (one) rental property for about 12 years but sold that last year , It did produce a positive cash flow of about 400 dollars after everythng, I kow now I made a mistake by selling it but its to late now to do anything but to try again with something else. Anyway I want to maybe try the mobile home area. Or another rental income such as duplexes again, What my main question is that if one puts down a deposit isn’t that usually around 500 $ aproperty, I really couldn’t affordto do too many of these? Or I am I missing somethng? Also we do have a hot market here in Virginia, Would you or shoud you advise the use of real estate agents & do you tell them you are investing? We have afew real estate books here just for those selling thru there own For Sale By owner .And lastly What exactly does it mean to do real estate with no money down? Is it all about paper & numbers so to speak? I don’t have C.S. info so I don’t really know this area, if anyone cn help in answering any questions & shedding some light to get me straight I really would appreciate all help & if there is anyone on this board from Virginia to help me please respond.Thank You , Arlene