Interesting Situation - Need Help. - Posted by Charles (OH)

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on July 02, 2002 at 07:50:40:

First, I’d approach the agent and ask “WTF?”. Given that the answer will be unsatisfactory, I’m just fishing for quotes to stick in my complaint to the state board. Once the conversation reaches its (presumably) unsatisfactory end (e.g.- they don’t make you whole, discount the other listing, etc.), I’d appraoch the broker, and that failing, file a complaint with the state board and sue for breach of contract- asking for damages (lost profit, lost time and expenses as a fall back) and make clear that you expect follow through on the other property. The husband-wife relationship makes these people look really bad (assunming YOUR paperwork is in order) and hurts their case.

John Hyre

Interesting Situation - Need Help. - Posted by Charles (OH)

Posted by Charles (OH) on July 01, 2002 at 14:45:57:

I have a very interesting situation that I am looking for advice on.

This weekend I found out that one of the houses I had under contract to buy on July 11, was sold. I found this out when my real-estate agent went to schedule the appraisal on the house.

Some other information: the listing agent is the spouse of the owner, and I still have one property under contract with these people and am wonder what to do now.

Of the two properties, the one that was sold had the most upside potential.

So my question to John and everyone else is what recourse or action should I take against the seller and the listing agent (his wife.)

Thanks in advance,
Charles Kirkendall