Internet service for homes


When it comes to selling homes or buying a home you always need to end up setting up internet service for that new home. It can be a great selling point for sellers and an even better buying point for a buyer. When it comes to looking for internet it can be very tedious, searching for each provider just to find out it’s too expensive or not available. Here’s a site that helped me find the best provider and best deal in my area.Bundleyourinternet Best Internet Deals


Does it really make a big difference to buyer’s interest if there is internet already installed? Could anybody share their experiences? Anyways, it’s an informative site to check internet providers. Thanks for sharing it.


It is an interesting point. Clearly a good, fast internet connection is a plus for many prospective buyers. I believe it is more important that a fast internet connection could be made available rather than is actually installed. Having said that it is one thing an Agent claiming “Yes, you can get a super fast fibre optic connection here.” and there actually being one installed already and fully functioning. I certainly think having such a connection would represent a positive signal to a prospective buyer or renter.

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