Intro - Posted by Sonia in ID

Posted by Lyal on July 29, 2003 at 10:38:04:

Glad to have you here!
If you have some questions you may want to search the archives here (and on the other boards too). Lots of answers there as most of us had the very same questions when we started out.
Look forward to hearing about your progress (and success!!).
All the best, Lyal

Intro - Posted by Sonia in ID

Posted by Sonia in ID on July 28, 2003 at 22:11:43:

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’ve been eagerly reading the archives here while I wait for my DOW to arrive in the mail. Lyal pointed me to this site (Thanks!) from another board, and I’ve been thrilled to find all the great info. I’ll be asking a lot of questions as I get into this, so I thought I ought to introduce myself.

I’m a stay-home homeschooling mom of 5, hubby is a school teacher making just enough to pay our bills, and I have a small business that brings in enough for homeschool books and some extras. So I was looking for something better–or smarter, and someone mentioned real estate investing to me a few weeks ago. So I started researching and found some articles by Lonnie. I knew right away that this was something I could really get into.

Can’t wait for that DOW! I have a ton of questions, but I won’t start asking till I read the book!

Re: Intro - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on July 29, 2003 at 17:47:08:

Lyal has helped me bunch too.
If you can handle home schooling 5 kids…this will be a piece of cake!
Best wishes,
Philip Missouri