Hi my self Brian Linnekens and new on this forum. I would like to do discussion related to property development and real estate business.

Hi i am christine i am also new here,it is good to see your introduction.

What’s up guys I am new too. I just graduated college and want to get started in CRE where do you start?

Go buy a house.

Get at it.


Welcome to Brian, Christine and Shawn.

Two questions to kick things off a bit.

  1. Where are you living and investing? If you have not started to invest, just let up know where you are looking.

  2. If you have decided on a style or focus for your investing, what might that be. It could be something like wholesaling vs. buying rentals for long term hold. It could be commercial office buildings. You might might be focusing on manufactured housing. Just trying to get a sense of where your interests are.

Hello and welcome!
Glad to see you among forum members!
I hope you will like this forum and enjoy your stay here.

Welcome to everyone!

Congrats for preparing to invest as the market is perfect right now.

It always starts with your goals. Do you need an income today or are you able to invest for the future (buy/hold).

Minimize risk by starting with wholesaling is a great way to go


I’m also new here. I need income for today rather than investing for the future. I’m really interested in options and sub2.

Nice to see new folks :slight_smile:

Rachel -

If you are looking to create cash for today, you should consider wholesaling.

There is a need for good wholesalers right now as it is becoming more challenging to buy houses off the MLS because so many people are buying right now which is leading to multiple offers, etc.


I am having good luck with foreclosure auctions. I just bid on a one-bedroom and won. I bid 7500 max and I won it for 7300. This house needs about 2-3k fix up and I can section 8 for $700/mo. Talk about ROI…


That is a great return. How many more of those could you find?


[QUOTE=marcdonovan;887153]I am having good luck with foreclosure auctions. I just bid on a one-bedroom and won. I bid 7500 max and I won it for 7300. This house needs about 2-3k fix up and I can section 8 for $700/mo. Talk about ROI…[/QUOTE]

What part of the country is the property in? What would be the value for the place once it is up to Section 8 rental standards?

Just trying to figure out how much of a bargain the auction price was.

This is south-side St Pete FL. It is a 1br about 600 sq ft. It will rent sec 8 for 750.

I think I can do this again, but my problem with auctions is that you never really know what you will get until you win.

The banks have tons of inventory and I am writing low-ball offers. I am writing an offer on one that they were asking 30k few weeks back. They just dropped it to 19k and I am going to offer 11.5k and see what they do.

I think I could retail this 1br for 30k, once I have a paying tenant. Zillow says 40k - not sure that is real.


What did you end up doing with this house?




I’m Rotton & I’m a newbie here.

Just wondering here to acquire more knowledge about real estate property & investing into it.


Welcome to the group Rotton.

Please post your questions on the forum and everyone can learn together.


Another new member

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I am Floza. I am a newbie here. I am interested in real estate industry. I found this site is having some interesting and useful information. So, to get more information about it and to share my knowledge I have registered here.

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