investing into the birth of a high end subdivision - Posted by Dana_Ohio

Posted by Dana_Ohio on February 12, 2002 at 24:55:56:

hi, everyone!
i have an opportunity to purchase 11- 20+ acres of undeveloped, unzoned land at an attractive price, in an EXCELLENT area- how this land got left behind when everything else grew up around it, i dont know- or care!

my thoughts were to build a very posh gated community here- with a very pretty entrance- a nice big club house complete with pool, tennins courts, hoops, banquet facilities- all the good stuff.

then i’d cut a deal with a local contractor, so he gets all the work, and i get a nice discount- provided he gets the job done fast!

anyway- all the numbers here add up to HUGE profits- i’m talkin 5 MILL+!!! but i’ve never undertaken a task of this magnatude!

my one simple (yeah, right) question is- what would be the best plan of attack here? that is- where do i begin?

thanks for all your time guys- and i appreciate your patience with my rather long posts!