Is it legal to... - Posted by Chris in TX

Posted by gerald(tx) on July 23, 2003 at 19:05:38:

Tread lightly here, Chris, because in this circumstance you are operating as an agent without a license. You would probably get away with it if it’s a one time deal, and you get away from the word “commission” and call it a referral fee. Makes it a gray area, but you’ll eventually wind up in trouble if you do this regularly. (from either party)

I wouldn’t expect to collect your fee for simply calling over the We Buy Houses guys. It ain’t that easy. Your owner has probably explored this and many other avenues, has come up empty and frustrated, otherwise he wouldn’t be offering to give up this much money.

Is it legal to… - Posted by Chris in TX

Posted by Chris in TX on July 23, 2003 at 12:31:48:

Hi everybody,
I just found a house that needs a lot of work. I spoke with the owner, and he is willing to split the commission with me (he’ll get 3% and I’ll get 3%) if I find him a buyer.

If I speak with one of those “We Buy Houses” ads in the newspaper and negotiate 1% or any other value on a home that I find for them to buy, would you consider it ethical to get paid from both parties, and for that matter, is it legal as well???

Thanks for the info everyone!