Is it possible to revoke a quit claim deed? - Posted by Dawn

Posted by Ed Copp (OH) on July 20, 2003 at 15:49:18:

There is a post on this same subject just down the page.

Once the deed is delivered and recorded it is part of history.

If there is or was fraud involved, the father can sue daughter, sounds like fun. The filing of the suit would cloud the title to the property right away. No telling how long it might take to resolve the matter.

Is it possible to revoke a quit claim deed? - Posted by Dawn

Posted by Dawn on July 20, 2003 at 15:09:28:

My husband’s father passed away leaving his home to my husband and his sister. In December of 2002 he signed a quit claim deed because his sister was buying his half of the house. She claimed that the deed had to be in her name before she could get a home equity line of credit and give him the money he asked for on his half of the home. Here is it July and he still has not been given any money and she is now claiming that she has to clear up her credit in order to get a loan. My husband feels that she misled him, he signed away the house under false pretenses and of course she knew that her credit was not good and failed to inform him. What are his options at this point? We live in Georgia but the house is located in Ohio. Is there any way to put a lein on the house and then force the house to be put up for sale? He doesn’t want to go that route but she hasn’t even offered any sort of monthly payments to start paying him for the house. One other note, when the deed was filed with the county, it states that there was a $30,000 sale (the amount he asked her for and that wasn’t even half of what the house is worth) on the home. Thanks in advance for the advice.